Games Inbox: How big a hit will Uncharted 4 be?

Now that Microsoft’s had a big exclusive out this year, with the so-so sounding Quantum Break how well does everyone think Uncharted 4 is going to do? I was an Xbox 360 gamer last gen and after hearing so much about the series I was pretty underwhelmed by the Nathan Drake collection, despite really enjoying The Last Of Us.

Despite what Sony might like to imagine I don’t think the Uncharted name is particularly well known amongst ordinary people, so the idea of having a fourth one of a game they’ve never heard of might be a bit of a hard sell.

I’ll probably get it anyway but what interests me is if this isn’t big, will that be the point at which Sony finally gives up on first party exclusives? They clearly haven’t needed them up to this point, and if they keep not selling or getting bad reviews surely someone is going to point out that it’s probably all a big waste of time and money. Or will they just carry on making them out of pride?

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