Fear Effect sequel ming to Kickstarter

A Kickstarter campaign for Fear Effect Sedna will be starting next week, but a lot seems to have changed since the original…

More than 15 years after the last game appeared on PS one, Square Enix has greenlit an indie-made follow-up to Fear Effect.

The original two Fear Effect games were espionage-themed action adventures that used a pre-rendered, fixed camera system similar to the original Resident Evil games.

Fear Effect: Sedna though will be completely different, and instead an isometric game inspired by Shadowrun Returns – that allows you to control up to five characters at a time.

The Kickstarter is due to start next week and will be looking for €100,000 (£81,000) to make it to PC. If it earns more than that it also has stretch goals for console versions.

What Fear Effect is perhaps most famous for though is its two lesbian protagonists. A factor that original publisher Eidos used for some titillating marketing, but which in the game itself actually turned out to be a fairly positive portrayal of same sex couples.

According to Eurogamer the game is being developed by French studio Sushee, who have already produced one game via Square Enix’s The Collective indie programme.

Despite the change in game style it will be a direct sequel to the original series, including the unreleased third game.

Square Enix has said before they’re willing to give indies use of some of their dormant franchises, but Fear Effect will be the most prominent so far.

That’s no doubt going to lead to more calls for a new Legacy Of Kain game, although that’s likely to be a more complicated issue as Square Enix do still flirt with the idea of making those games themselves.

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