Games Inbox: What are you hoping for at E3 2016?

I totally understand and share many of the concerns about these so-called ‘upgrade consoles’ but I’m beginning to think they might be a good idea. The biggest problem with this generation are that it’s basically taken about two and a half years for any decent games to come out. Plus, there’s not much improvement in graphics compared to the last gen, and a general feeling that things haven’t moved on much.

I don’t actually blame companies for this. It’s a technology and price issue that there’s nothing they can really do anything about. But if consoles just had small upgrades every year or so, like a phone, but all games were compatible within, say, a five-year window I’d be fine with that.

It’d mean no off years, plenty of time to slowly get used to new hardware, and consoles would still have about the same lifespan. Maybe you could get a contract like a phone, to always get the latest version, or maybe you’d treat it like a TV and just buy a brand new one every now and then. The obvious end game is that we move to streaming consoles where there is no hardware at home and everything is updated in the cloud.

I’m sure we can’t be more than five or 10 years away from that right now, so if this eases everyone into it I’m okay with it. Let’s see what E3 has to say for itself!

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