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I bought Bloodborne on release but couldn’t get to grips with it, I hated it.

Now and again I would try again but just couldn’t get the hang of the combat and I got fed up of dying.

Yesterday morning I was watching a Lore video on YouTube and I stumbled across a video called Bloodborne first hour beginner, as I watched this particular upload I could see what I was doing wrong, my first lesson was patience, walk don’t run.

Second lesson was a sense of the gun parry timing for the first time.

So I loaded up the game and I did a lot better than previous attempts, this morning I created a character I liked the look of, picked the cleaver and hunter pistol and I was well away.

Nearly six hours later I had made my way through the sewers, found the hunter garb and the madness skull thing that gives one insight, made it back to the hunters dream without dying, got my cleaver to +3 and gained a good few levels.

I’ve since been doing circuits round the areas that I have opened up and so far am happy to grind until I feel ready to attempt the cleric beast.

The thing I’m most proud of is that, so far, I’m confident using the gun parry with all the humanoid enemies, even the fast hunchback wolfmen around the sewer.

I never got the hang of the shield parry in Dark Souls but it didn’t matter because I preferred to use the pyro glove instead of a shield, so I was really chuffed when I knew I’d got the timing of the gun parry right.

I’m really enjoying the game now, but I don’t want to sound cocky, the two werewolves on the bridge are currently too much for me and I can only kill them by running to a doorway that they can’t fit through.

I don’t know how I’m going to manage with the first boss or Gascoigne.

I’m very glad I didn’t trade it in now.
PS: This time next year I’ll be writing in about how much I’m enjoying Dark Souls III.

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