6 best apps for Samsung Gear VR - Reader’s Feature

A reader names his favourite virtual reality apps, with experiences ranging from deep sea exploration to survival horror.

With all the furore revolving around virtual reality, and as the very proud owner of the Samsung Gear VR, I thought I would like to share my experiences with this wonderful piece of kit, as well as giving readers my guide to my favourite six apps.

The moment I Gear VR up, I headed straight into the Oculus store. To my general surprise, it had around 200 games, experiences and general apps to purchase. The majority of apps and experiences are free, with the games costing as little as 79p, up to £7.99 for the premium games. Here are my favourites so far.

1. Titans of Space (free) This fantastic on-the-rails app is classed as an experience. You are placed in a small ship, and away you go. You begin in outer space, orbiting Mercury. Following this you head to Venus, and so on. You feel so immersed in 360 degrees of space, with meteors flying past. A great learning tool and a true joy.

2. Hidden Temple (£3.99) Quite simply, a point and click adventure set in an Egyptian tomb. Think Tomb Raider for kids and you won’t go far wrong. With claustrophobic tunnels and a few creepy crawlies, this is a great little game.

3. Sisters (free) Possibly the most frightening experience I have ever experienced in a game. You simply sit on a couch, and behold the terror that awaits you. I won’t spoil it for anyone, but I guarantee it will make anyone jump out of their skin.

4. Ocean Rift (£7.99) One of the Oculus store’s big hitters. You are placed in the sea, with many giant sea creatures swimming around you. Anything from bottlenose dolphins to humpback whales. My favourite part was being placed in a cage, whilst being hunted by a great white shark. It feels so realistic and is so relaxing.

5. Circus du Soleil (free) Whilst I usually dislike the circus, these two generous free downloads place you on the actual stage of a full on circus act. One of which see you surrounded by dancers, singers and jugglers. It was all very surreal and extremely realistic. The acts on stage seamed to watch you intensely and clowns would sneak up behind you. A truly memorable experience.

6. Neverout (£5.99) Have you ever watched The Cube? Not the game show with Philip Schofield, but the film? Well, this is very similar. You move around the extremely claustrophobic cube-shaped rooms by solving puzzles. Definitely not for the faint hearted. A bargain at the price and a real showcase for what VR can do.

So there we have it. A few other shootouts go to Goosebumps, Sonar, Jurassic World, VR Karts, and Land’s End. If anyone has a Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, or a Galaxy Note 5, then the Samsung Gear VR is a must. As far as nausea and headaches go, I personally haven’t had any of these problems. Although everyone is different of course. Is VR the future of gaming? Based on my experiences, I really do hope so.

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