MLB The Show 16 Experiencing Debilitating Server Issues That Affect All Modes

Early yesterday morning, MLB The Show 16 underwent server maintenance as announced on the official MLB The Show Twitter account. When the maintenance window ended, however, players began noticing that the menus are taking much longer than usual to load – sometimes to the point where it displays an error message.

The load times, which are worsened during prime time hours, affect any part of the game that tries to access the servers. This means it not only affects modes like online matchmaking and the server-focused Diamond Dynasty mode, but also single-player modes like Road to the Show and franchise since you can sometimes earn rewards for Diamond Dynasty for leveling up your player card. Since you also earn Diamond Dynasty rewards for starting up the game, even trying to load the main menu from the title screen can throw an error or take abnormally long to load. 

I experienced these problems last night. Below, you can see a video I took several minutes into the game attempting to load the main menu from the title screen.

A simple Twitter search shows that this is far from a localized problem. The official MLB The Show Twitter account has not posted any news or acknowledgment of the problem, though several of its followers are letting them know about the problem in response to other Tweets. We reached out to PlayStation for comment on the issues, but did not immediately receive a response. Should we receive a response, we will update this post.

Our Take
The problem is easily fixable by disconnecting from the Internet prior to starting the game, but that's not something players should have to do to seamlessly play modes like franchise and Road to the Show, which have little to no online components. With no comment being delivered via the official MLB The Show Twitter account, fans are left in the dark about any kind of resolution that might make the game function properly again. 

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