Mega Man Crochet Hat

Mega Man's costume isn't really tailored for comfort. After all, he's a boy robot. His main objective is not comfort - it's thwarting the evil plans of Dr. Wily. It's important for him to protect his head, but maybe not so much for his noggin to be warm or comfy. However, you're a human, and while it's important to protect your head, too, you're far more likely to be protecting it from the rain, wind, and snow than from Fire Man's pyro weapons. That's why we here at ThinkGeek created this Mega Man Crochet Hat. It's got rockin' style paired with the warm fuzziness of a winter hat. The helmet ridge is dimensional. And since it's our creation, you can only find this baby at ThinkGeek. Now we just need a Mega Buster muff to pair with this, and our winter closets will be complete. 

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