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Oculus details privacy policy after spying concerns

The recent release of the Oculus Rift has raised a few privacy concerns.It’s not cos they’re spying on you, but rather using it for “marketing purposes.

Free Ant-Man DLC out now for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

Yep, in a pantheon filled with super-soldiers, green rage machines and a playboy philanthropist playboy decked out in the latest high-tech armour available, Ant-Man is my favourite out of the lot.It’s just that blue collar attitude, that likable persona and the fact that Paul Rudd nailed the character the first time.

PVP is getting a big tweak in Destiny next week

That also happen to have a higher light level as well, and some sickass gear to boot.Anyway, Bungie is hoping to revive some interest in their waning space opera with an update next week.

It's "hard as hell" to avoid killing in Vampyr

Fortunately, DONTNOD’s upcoming Vampyr is rising from the crypt to take over that bloodlust that I’m experiencing.Death is a big theme within Vampyr, as players can choose to indulge in a homicidal spree if they choose or stick to the shadows.

Ziff Davis, LLC. Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes what information Ziff Davis, LLC (“Ziff Davis” or “we”) gathers, how we collect it, our information-sharing practices, how users may change the way their information is collected and how to access their information that is provided on our websites and mobile applications.Used in conjunction with cookies, Ziff Davis may use pixel tags to improve our understanding of site traffic, visitor behavior, and response to promotional campaigns.

In Other News - 6 April 2016

The guys keep offering me a cup of concrete.I suppose I’ll need to remind them of this moment when they are dying of man flu.

Rocket League is getting its own retail Collector's Edition

I just received an email, and it’s titled “Rocket League: Collector’s Edition”.Hell, it’s a collector’s edition, so I bet it includes some sweet loot.

Final Fantasy XV isn't a traditional open-world

It’s been easy to assume from footage that Final Fantasy XV will be a large, open-world RPG that offers players freedom to come and go as they please.That’s true for certain areas, but game director Hajime Tabata cautions the idea of thinking of Final Fantasy XV as a traditional open-world title.

DOOM open beta revealed, DLC plans detailed

And this time, you won’t have to do anything to get in – with the last beta for DOOM being completely open.From the 15-17th of  April, anyone on PS4, Xbox One and PC will be able to download the DOOM beta client and hop in for a weekend of frantic, bloody multiplayer.

Expect more gear sets in The Division after the latest patch drops

And just like one of the best Creed songs ever recorded, those numbers will be going even higher when the patch drops next week and introduces gear sets for marksman, assault and tank builds within The Division.“We’re going to keep adding them,” lead game designer Matthias Karlson said in a Division podcast about the new gear sets, via VG247.

Blizzard have unveiled dates and details for BlizzCon 2016

While all were fantastic experiences, my favourite by far has to be BlizzCon 2015.Thousands of other gamers – all fans of Blizzard – filled out the vast halls of the Anaheim Convention Centre.

Overwatch now has a competitive play mode

Prove yourself in Competitive Play!Designed for those seeking more of a challenge, Competitive Play is our new game mode in which players can compete against one another and “rank up” through a series of divisions and tiers on a seasonal basis.

It only took 10 years for horse armor to seem okay

But can you believe it’s been ten years since we were outraged by horse armor DLC?According to Games Industry, it was ten years ago to the day that Bethesda released its horse armor DLC for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Sophie needs to run and hide in this trailer for Disney's The BFG

Sadly, this is not what was meant and the realization that BFG actually stood for Big Friendly Giant was an utter disappointment.“I think it was kind of genius of Roald Dahl to be able to empower the children.

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A patent application filed by Nintendo for a device able to detect objects and be used as a controller of sorts has been made public.Though similar in appearance to an NFC reader for the 3DS, this device is a new design that can use a camera to photograph and detect the area around it, as well as use a light-source projector.

Rock Band 4 fails PC crowdfunding drive

Despite critical acclaim, neither Guitar Hero Live nor Rock Band 4 have managed to capture the imaginations of this generation’s gamers.We’ll certainly not be seeing Rockband 4 on the PC.

Ten Mega Evolutions that we want to see in Pokémon Sun and Moon

Out of over 700 Pokémon, there are 48 of these Mega Evolutions that players are capable of achieving.Here’s ten Pokémon who definitely deserve a boost.

League of Legends' Taric has received a glorious overhaul

After a week of teasing, Riot have finally unveiled the new Taric.His entire kit has been replaced with something far more up-to-date, and infinitely more fabulous.

The British Government is backing an Olympian eSports push

Ed Vaizey, the secretary for culture, announced the International eGames Committee (IEGC) at an eSports summit in Britain.The non-profit organization will be advised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), a similar committee to SASCOC in South Africa.