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Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Releases

The first Mega Man Legacy Collection delivered reproductions of the first six titles in the classic Mega Man series, and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 follows in its footsteps by offering reproductions of the four remaining classic titles, including Mega Man 7, Mega Man 8, Mega Man 9, and Mega Man 10.On top of allowing players to experience four classic Mega Man titles in one place, the collection also comes packed with added content meant to compliment the original games.

Observer Complete Keypad Codes and Passwords List

If you hack the keypad in your son's apartment, you will only get the last number revealed -- a 4.Ground Floor Back Room Keypad You can get this password code when talking to the strange girl in apartment 113 who keeps changing voices.

Re:Legend Confirmed For Nintendo Switch

The Kickstarter campaign for Re: Legend, a crowdfunded RPG  by Magnus Games supported through the Square Enix Collective, has reached its seventh stretch goal, and will now be available for Nintendo Switch in addition to PC.If backers have opted for multiple copies, they will be able to choose a different platform for each one.

Japanese Box Art, Limited Edition Revealed for Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory

Bandai Namco has revealed the box art for the upcoming game Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory in addition to a limited edition "Digimon 20th Anniversary Box" and First-Print bonuses.You can check out the box art and other goodies inside the Limited Edition box below.

Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice Review: A Beautiful Darkness

From the moment you start your journey in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, you are in for a wild ride.This game deals with psychosis as one of its themes -- and warns you beforehand so you're prepared for the headspace you're going to enter.

Rez Infinite Now Available for PC, Includes VR Support

First released in 2016 for the PS4 with support for the PSVR, the title has managed to earn a number of awards, including Best VR Game of 2016, since its launch.The game will be available for both desktop PCs and VR, including the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift headsets.

Day of Infamy Review: Not Their Finest Hour

But one initial release and two major patches later, I still feel as if Day of Infamy left early access to quickly.New World Interactive began development of Day of Infamy as a free modification for Insurgency back in early 2016.

Citadel: Forged with Fire Admin Commands and Cheats

In this guide, we've collected all the Citadel: Forged with Fire server commands and cheats you need to get any job done.Before being able to use the server commands and cheats, you'll have to get admin access.

Fortnite Guide: Troubleshooting Errors and Bug Fixes for Version 1.03

Although there have been a few lags and stutters up until now, the major problems seem to have arrived with Fortnite patch 1.Keep clicking Retry until you get the option to sign into your Epic account with your user name and password.

Could Magic the Gathering - Arena Be a Whole New Type of MTG Experience?

Then last week, Wizards name-dropped Magic: The Gathering – Arena as their second MDN product.And with the word "Arena" right in the name of this new MDN project, it's easy to speculate that the unannounced game could be a multiplayer online battle arena sort of experience.

What's In A Name? How Digimon Story Stole the Digimon World Name for Western Audiences

The first four Digimon World games -- which are all under the Digimon World name worldwide -- all have distinct differences from each other.The second game to adopt the Digimon World name in the West was Digimon World Data Squad, released in 2007 for PS2.

Observer Guide: Solving the Room 104 Amir Puzzle to Escape the Infinite Hallway

The first example of such an enraging puzzle takes place in the run down apartment room 104 while searching through the memories of dead drug pusher Amir.The hub of this puzzle is a central room featuring three televisions -- all showing the same video feed image.

The Long Dark Story Mode Guide: Episode 2 Supply Cache Locations

There are nine locations in total in Episode 2 that each have their own supply boxes with valuable items inside.If you want to find them all without too much hassle, this location guide will tell you how to find every supply cache in The Long Dark.

Are Zombies in Call of Duty Becoming Stale?

With the reveal of zombies on July 20 for the upcoming Call of Duty: WW2 title, Sledgehammer Games have added their own take on zombies into the mix.But to be fair, the studio's zombies franchise spans across multiple titles: Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

The Sims 4 Gets a Release Date for PS4 and Xbox One

Back in 2016, it was originally announced that The Sims 4 for PS4 and Xbox One would be come out sometime in late 2016 or early 2017.There will be two editions of the game for each system -- the Standard Edition and the Deluxe Party Edition.

Dark And Light: Troubleshooting Errors and Known Bug Fixes

Sadly, the bulk of the known bugs in Dark And Light don't have fixes at the moment.Open up Steam and right-click the Dark And Light entry in your library, then choose Properties.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Announced, First Gameplay Footage Shown

At the Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2017 in Tokyo, Square Enix announced Dragon Quest Builders 2 for PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch, releasing previously unseen footage of the game.The sequel to Square Enix's 2016 sandbox game set in the Dragon Quest universe, Dragon Quest Builders 2 will have a variety of new features and mechanics, such as providing the player with more stackable, slopes, the ability to swim underwater, filling structures with water, creating waterfalls, and gliding from high areas.

Fortnite Guide To Evolving Everything

In this Fortnite evolution guide, we cover everything you need to know to evolve an card type at all.The annoying thing about this system is that you will almost certainly have the prerequisites for evolving any given Hero (or anything else) long before you actually have access to the specific evolution skill needed.

Citadel: Forged with Fire - Level 1~20 Beginner's Tips Guide

Depending on the kind of server you're on, you'll get one or more points per level.In order to build a Staff of the Forest in Forged with Fire, you'll need: 1 Rune Crystal and 6 pieces of Wood.

Sundered Review: A Great Metroidvania With Tons of Replayability

Thunder Lotus Games' latest release, Sundered, is bound to be a hit.You play as Eshe, a cloaked wanderer, as you take on the challenges of the endlessly transforming caverns that make up the game world.