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For the King Adds Free Roam Adventure Mode

As a fan of the strategic RPG For the King, I've been following the game for most of the year now.And developer IronOak Games has been teasing a free roam adventure mode for quite a while.

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero – Pirate Queen’s Quest Releases Today

The first DLC character campaign for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, titled Pirate Queen's Curse, is now available for purchase on all platforms.The DLC campaign is the first of four character campaigns, with the other three planned for the future revolving around the characters Bolo, Sky, and Rottytops.

Snipers vs. Thieves: Beginner's Tips and Tricks

According to an army of players new to the bankrobbing scene that is Snipers vs.a bar of sprint, and a few gadgets between you: this is what Snipers vs.

Universal Announces Voltron VR Chronicles

Universal has announced Voltron VR Chronicles, a new virtual reality game for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR based on the Netflix animated series Voltron: Legendary Defender.In Voltron VR Chronicles, the player will take the role of one of the paladins of Voltron to participate in space battles, solve puzzles, and complete challenges.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen DLC Factions Guide

The world of XCOM 2 sees a new threat in its latest DLC, War of the Chosen.Powerful boss-like enemies known as "The Chosen" have invaded the world and are set on recapturing the Commander.

Bethesda Will Not Be Making That Game of Thrones Video Game

It's been reported that Bethesda Game Studios may be working on a new video game adaptation of the Game of Thrones television show.Spotted by NeoGAF, a page was put up on US retailer Target's website for "Bethesda: Game of Thrones".

Will Sonic Forces Be Able to Usurp Sonic Mania?

As media outlets and players alike have widely noted, Sonic Mania's immediate appeal is nostalgia.Overall, the 3D Sonic games have not delivered the same kind of enjoyment over the years -- apart from the two Sonic Adventure games.

Bethesda Might Finally Be Making That Game of Thrones Video Game

It's been reported that Bethesda Game Studios may be working on a new video game adaptation of the Game of Thrones television show.Spotted by NeoGAF, a page was put up on US retailer Target's website for "Bethesda: Game of Thrones".

Battlejack Team Building & Hero Info Guide

Surely you've noticed traits -- just look at the bottom left corner of any hero's information.Since this is a guide on heroes and team building, it wouldn't be complete without mentioning alignments and how they affect stat growth.

Quake Champions Reboots The High Speed Shooter

The arena-style format remains, returning this time with 11 different Champions of varying stats and abilities.Plus, giant chained eyeballs Quake Champions isn't a finished product yet, and that shows in a lot of ways.

Battlejack Beginner's Combat Tips Guide

If you went into or are going into Battlejack expecting an actual Blackjack-like experience, you're going to be disappointed.In this guide we're going to be going over the ins and outs of the game's combat system and how you can make it work for you instead of against.

The Pokemon Company Announces US Marshadow Distribution

The Pokemon Company recently announced that GameStop will be handing out distribution codes for the legendary Marshadow from October 9 to October 23.This news may be especially pleasing to Pokemon Sun and Moon owners, as currently the only method of obtaining Marshadow is via special distribution, and the only event that's distributed the Pokemon thus far took place in Japan over the summer.

4 Things We Want from Age of Empires 4

In case you missed it, Microsoft recently confirmed the existence of Age of Empires IV, and that Relic Entertainment will be developing this long-awaited next installment of AoE.Microsoft would have been hard-pressed to find a company that could rival Relic in the RTS genre, so fans are excited that the company is working on this new Age of Empires experience.

How to Celebrate in Madden 18

Half the fun of running plays all over your opponents in Madden 18 is rubbing their faces in how bad your genius play calling just burned them.To celebrate in Madden 18 on the Xbox One, hold RT + LT + A and you'll high-step down the field and into the end zone just like Deion Sanders.

A Guide to Using Cargo Trains in Cities: Skylines

Well, for that you need to have some Cargo Trains that can move goods to and from your city.In this Cities: Skylines guide, we are going to give you some information about cargo trains and how to establish a good cargo network that can move goods around your city and to further afield.

Cities Skylines Deluxe vs. Normal Edition: Is the Upgrade Worth it?

Then I'm sure you have heard of Cities: Skylines from Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive.But is the Deluxe Edition worth it?

Square Enix Reveals Free Assassin's Creed Crossover for Final Fantasy XV

On Friday, Square Enix revealed a "secret DLC" for Final Fantasy XV that not many fans were expecting.During a special Assassin's Festival in Lestallum, Noctis and his friends will be able to dress up and enjoy playing Final Fantasy using the mechanics of the Assassin's Creed franchise.

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows Review

In Masquerada: Songs and Shadows, developer Witching Hour Studios takes known concepts from tactical RPGs and executes them beautifully.The noble Masquerada rule the city, organizing into guilds that are all loosely affiliated with the central government.

No, History Isn't Repeating Itself With Nintendo's SNES Classic Pre-Order Debacle

Flashback to about a year ago -- the NES Classic was coming out, and people were losing their minds.Unless you've been living under a rock for the last several months, you probably know that Nintendo has announced yet another miniature version of a classic console -- the Super Nintendo Classic.

The Best 8 Quirks for a Maddening Run of Darkest Dungeon

Having just launched on iPad, Darkest Dungeon is still going strong.The caretaker has complied a list of the eight most useful quirks found in our Heroes (subject to professional psychiatrist's prognosis).