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New to Resident Evil? Play These Games in the Series First

With the Resident Evil series being over 20 years old and spanning four generations of consoles it has one of the biggest fan followings of any franchise on the market.If I was pushed to choose only two games from the Resident Evil series it would be the first game and Resident Evil 4.

5 Fighting Game Subgenres That Have Yet to Be Explored

Some genres of fighting game, however, have gone unexplored and should be incoming in the future for the common player, as well as the competitive player.Being able to switch equipment and have specialized skill sets could be a new form of fighting game that constantly create new ways to play.

Speedy iOS Hit Tomb of the Mask Bounces onto Android Today

Android users with a need for speed, make note: vertical-wall-bouncer-slash-obstacle dodger Tomb of the Mask is finally finding its way to Android devices today after making waves on iOS last year.If you're the type who's gotta go fast, you need to shimmy your way to Google Play today and get a piece of the action.

5 Games That Use Death in Unique and Inventive Ways

There are a few games however, that use death mechanically in new and unique ways.These 5 games use death in unique and inventive ways.

The Banner Saga 3 Has Been Fully Funded - New Stretch Goal Announced

Following the announcement that The Banner Saga 3 would be Kickstarted, Stoic have confirmed that it is now fully funded -- less than 7 days after the original campaign began.Offering his thanks to the backers, Watson said: “We’re thrilled to have funded the Kickstarter in less than a week.

Gaming Grub: How To Make Sonic's Chili Dog

In the first issue of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog, readers were treated to the recipe for how to make Sonic's chili dogs, his favorite food.While you'll obviously want chili powder, I'm also going to recommend turmeric, basil, curry powder, and paprika.

Sword Art Online Memory Defrag Beginner's Guide

The ever-expanding Sword Art Online franchise got its very own mobile game some time back and -- as usual --  Japanese fans have been playing it for months already.Beyond the obvious stuff like completing daily quests for extra money and experience, below we cover some of the important Sword Art Online Memory Defrag beginner's tips you need to know before you head off on your own.

Dandy Dungeon is One of Mobile's Real "Must Play" RPGs

If you read the above game titles and got excited even a bit, you should probably just skip reading this article and move onto downloading Dandy Dungeon.The story aspect of the game is absolutely charming, and it's a huge part of the flavor of Dandy Dungeon.

Digimon World Next Order Beginner Info and Tips

Throughout the day your Digimon will get Hungry, Tired, Sleepy, and Need to go to the bathroom.To make your Digimon use specific skills immediately, you need to choose that skill from your partner's menu.

Morrowind is Coming to Elder Scrolls Online in June Update

In a stream today on the official Bethesda Twitch channel, the developers behind MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online announced the newest update (read: expansion) for the game.According to the devs, this new map is as faithful as possible to the original map found in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

OneShot: A Beautiful Journey of Discovery and Guardianship

Such simple concepts can be incredibly transformative to gaming, and that is the case with OneShot.The version currently available on Steam has been mostly updated with better graphics, extra scenes, and an overall smoother control scheme.

5 EVE Online Streamers You Should Be Watching Right Now

With EVE Online there is one good reason to spend time on twitch and take a look at others playing.Before I tell you why you should watch EVE streams, let's get to the who you should watch first.

The Definitive Pre-Order Guide for Horizon Zero Dawn

The PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn hits the stores on February 28th.The game's plot features the hunter Aloy, navigating a world that has been taken over by robots.

The Five Biggest Differences Between Monster Hunter and Toukiden 2

The parallels that can be drawn between Toukiden and Monster Hunter are significant.The last few numbered Monster Hunter games have been solely handheld affairs, specifically exclusive to the Nintendo DS.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Release Date Revealed

The worldwide release date of the remastered Final Fantasy XII was announced at the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary event's Opening Ceremony today.Originally unveiled in June last year, PS4 owners will be able to pick up The Zodiac Age on July 11th in North America and Europe, or July 13th in Japan.

Beholder: A Terrifying Orwellian Nightmare

The way you play Beholder is similar to a point-and-click adventure game, in that it’s entirely controlled by your mouse.Recently, they updated the game to make it controller compatible, but a keyboard and mouse are still the best way to go.'s Success Is a Testament to's Mobile Failure

Now, no one is saying Splix looks better than Paper.Yessiree, the other "players" in Paper.

Get on Par with the Competition with These Quick Golf Clash Tips!

Here's everything you need to know to get a hole-in-one and outplay your competition!Driving a ball in Golf Clash is fairly straightforward.

4 Reasons DLC is Better Than Old Fashioned Expansion Packs

Here are 4 reasons DLC is better than expansion packs.Nothing in this world is free, except for the occasional free DLC.

Like Ninja Spinki Challenges? Cool, Your Tastes Are Awful

Nearly three years later, Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen is back with another game with similarly difficult gameplay: Ninja Spinki Challenges.And I'm not talking about the opt-ins to continue, I'm talking about the rare random ones after you finish a round.