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Horizon Zero Dawn Guide: How to Survive in Ultra Hard Mode

A recent update added in New Game+ and Ultra Hard Mode giving players an opportunity to gear up for the upcoming content.Only the truest of masochists would start an entirely new game on Ultra Hard Mode.

A Guide For Blue, Green, and Red Science Packs Production in Factorio

The most common science packs that you will find yourself using are Blue, Green, and Red (Red being the easiest to produce).Out of the three types of science we are going to look at in this guide, Blue Science is the most demanding.

5 Final Fantasy Games Perfect for Newcomers

Luckily, these five Final Fantasy games are perfect for newcomers.Even with the combat changes, Final Fantasy XV is, at heart, a Final Fantasy game.

Marvel Contest of Champions Beginner's Guide

No one puts summoner in a corner if this Contest of Champions beginner's guide has anything to say about it.I'll be writing an in-depth mastery guide sometime in the next few days and linking it to this Contest of Champions beginner's guide so stay tuned!

Unbox: Newbie's Adventure Review -- Fun With Boxes

This particular game also features no cartoonish humans, anthropomorphic reptiles, marsupials, or sentient magical gloves.Well, Unbox: Newbie's Adventure has the answer you're looking for.

Capcom Takes The Stage at the San Diego Comic Con

Today, Capcom released a trailer that introduces four new characters for Marvel vs.This puts us at 14 Marvel heroes and 15 Capcom heroes on the roster.

Error 2811-7503 Caused By Extreme Traffic While Players Try to Buy Splatoon 2

Thursday night, at midnight, Switch owners flocked to the eShop in order to buy Splatoon 2 as quickly as possible.Unfortunately this was too much for Nintendo's serves to handle, and most fans were unable to access the eShop for a while after the midnight release.

Valiant Force Training and Fusion Systems Guide

Notice how different units contribute a different percentage to the main hero's training.You just maxed out the hero's Job Training, but it still hasn't increased their Job Level.

Fortnite Guide: Map Exploration and Resource Gathering

Below we cover everything you need to know during the map exploration phase.Lawn gnomes are usually empty, but have a small chance to offer up crafting materials.

Best Diablo 3 Monk Builds for Season 11

Look no further than our guide on the best Diablo 3 monk builds this season!The ranking of these builds is based on Rhykker's tier list for season 11.

Fortnite Complete Guide to Classes

Many different characters can be unlocked through random card drops within the same class, and each has a different skill loadout beyond the class' base skills.You can also find different star versions of the same character (1-star to 4-star) with upgraded stats and extra starting skills.

Where to Find Pale Ore in Hollow Knight

In total, there are six pieces of Pale Ore to be found scattered throughout Hollow Knight.To find the Pale Ore found in Hallownest's Crown, you'll need the Monarch Wings (this is the only location on this list that requires additional tools to find Pale Ore).

Fortnite: A Beginner's Guide to Defending Storm Shields

Search first, THEN bash to bits Before the combat wave starts, craft more ammo than you think you need.Before we get to building defenses, be on the lookout for trapped survivors, as there is usually at least one per map.

Has Final Fantasy XII Aged Like Milk or a Fine Wine?

Being the pioneer, does that mean that Final Fantasy XII has aged compared to its modern day counterparts?In a marked departure from previous entries in the franchise, there are no random encounters in Final Fantasy XII.

The End is Nigh Review: Rage without Regret

On the surface, this is a story about the end of the world and learning to let go.Those familiar with McMillen's work will be expecting a certain level of difficulty here.

Diablo III’s Season of the Necromancer

Every "season" Diablo III players are given the chance at a fresh start.For those who participated in Season 10, all your gold and blood shards have been transferred to your non-seasonal characters.

What Does EA's DLC Decision for Mass Effect Andromeda Really Mean?

However, a recent report states that Mass Effect: Andromeda won't get any single-player DLC.Will EA's decision to cut support to a poorly received game in a popular franchise set a standard for the industry?

New Characters, Online Modes, and Accessories Detailed for Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory

Bandai Namco has released more information about the upcoming RPG sequel, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory.In a few of the new screenshots, new Digimon who did not appear in Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, were shown.

Valiant Force Job Guide

With over 30 potential jobs for your heroes in Valiant Force, it can be a bit paralyzing to decide which job to advance your heroes into.To upgrade a hero from their current job, they'll need to reach their max level and their max training level, as well as acquire a specific number of their current job's respective job Item.

The Fortnite beginner's guide to defending Storm Shields

Search first, THEN bash to bits Before the combat wave starts, craft more ammo than you think you need.Before we get to building defenses, be on the lookout for trapped survivors, as there is usually at least one per map.