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Battlejack: How to (Hopefully) Farm a Ton of Honor

Rare summons definitely make the world go 'round in Battlejack, but Honor summons are a pretty good alternative in comparison to most other mobile RPGs.One one hand it's GREAT, on the other hand it's not going to be so great compared to those of some other players' if the alignment is bad.

Black Desert Online Guide: Most Efficient Lodging Locations

Each lodging space you get is another worker that you can have in the city that you've purchased.Some houses will offer you 1 lodging space for 1 Contribution Point, where another may offer 2 for the same price.

Witcher 3 Guide to the Best Runestones

The weapon buff system in Witcher 3 is really complex and at times confusing -- especially to new players.In this guide, you will find a few suggestions on the top-tier runestones in Witcher 3.

The Best Otome Games on Steam in 2017

But with so many of them to choose from in the Steam marketplace, it can be hard to find the best of the best.That's why we've curated this list of the five best otome games to be released this year on Steam.

ARK Guide: Otter Locations and Taming Tips

But if you hope to tame one of your own, you're going to need to find it first.If you're having trouble finding the furry critters, then keep a lookout for ducks as well and remember where they spawn.

Black Desert Online – Your Guide to the Savage Rift

Black Desert Online's horde mode, the Savage Rift, has finally arrived in NA/EU, making it one of the first PvE activities to be added to the game since its release.Each Savage Rift pits you and up to 9 other players trying to defend their tower against 25 waves of monsters and bosses over 30 minutes.

Rule with an Iron Fish Review: A Lazy Fishing Afternoon

Does Rule with an Iron Fish escape this pothole and deliver a positive experience worth the new $10 price tag?The bulk of the gameplay in Rule with an Iron Fish -- as one might reasonably guess -- is fishing.

First Trailer for Super Meat Boy Forever Revealed

The first trailer for the sort-of-sequel to Super Meat Boy -- an endless runner with similar mechanics and difficulty titled Super Meat Boy Forever -- was shown off at the start of the Nintendo Summer 2017 Nindies presentation earlier today.It starred the titular Meat Boy in an quest to rescue his girlfriend Bandage Girl from the spiteful and jealous Dr.

No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again First Trailer Revealed

During the Nintendo Switch Summer 2017 Nindies Showcase earlier today, after discussing a number of indie titles coming to the console in the near future, the presentation was closed out with the first trailer for No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again by Grasshopper Manufacture.The game will be the third installment in the No More Heroes series, as well as mark the 10th anniversary of the franchise, and be directed once again by acclaimed auteur game designer Suda51.

How to Fix Quake Champions Error Codes and Bugs

The resurgence of classic fast paced shooters continues as Quake Champions hits Early Access on Steam!Below we cover the most common Quake Champions issues players have been reporting, from failure to launch to hanging and freezing and even being unable to connect to a server.

Clash Of Kings Set To Hold Massive Secret Event At PAX

First, the event will celebrate Clash of King’s third anniversary -- bringing with it new changes and new items to play with in-game.To obtain the 3-Year Anniversary Sigil exclusive rewards, these 4 challenges must be achieved: Players who have achieved the 3-Year Anniversary rewards will be displayed on the Lord’s Interface.

Battlestar Galactica Deadlock Review: Fraking Toasters

Developed by Black Lab Games, and published by Slitherine Ltd, Battlestar Galactica Deadlock, I admit it snuck up on me.Four years later, the events of Battlestar Galactica Deadlock take place.

Universal, Digital Domain Announce Voltron VR Chronicles

In Voltron VR Chronicles, the player will take the role of one of the paladins of Voltron to participate in space battles, solve puzzles, and complete challenges.The game will be released on September 26, but PS VR owners who pre-order it today will get a 20% discount.

Dauntless Guide: How to Find Dulled Scales and What They're For

If you're going to make your Dauntless character stronger then you'll need to embrace the game's resource system.They're not handed out though; if you want them, you'll have to work for it.

Quake Champions Lore Scroll Collecting Guide

Below we cover everything you need to know about finding and collecting 110 different Quake Champions lore scrolls.You get the very first Ranger lore scroll in the tutorial mission by grabbing six different items scattered across the map.

Yakuza Kiwami Coin Locker Key Locations & Locker Contents

Finding coin locker keys is definitely not the most interesting or fun part of playing Yakuza Kiwami, but players that take the time to seek them out and pay a visit to the coin lockers on Taihei Boulevard will be handsomely rewarded with a slew of items.Those who played Yakuza 5 may remember how complicated it was to find some coin locker keys throughout the game's several areas.

ARK: Survival Evolved Guide - How to Ascend and Find the Final Boss

ARK: Survival Evolved launched out of Early Access today, adding a new Ascension event complete with a final boss.It's incredibly simple -- up until the new Ascension, anyway -- but first, you must know how to access ARK's command console.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon Veteran Trainer Packs

This pack will include a copy of each game, 16 Pokemon art cards, and a digital download of 200 poke balls.There's a possibility that fans will get more, but so far this is all that Nintendo has revealed through the official NoA Twitter account.

Game Boy Inspired Save Me Mr. Tako: Tasukete Tako San Will Release for Switch and PC

Cristophe Galati and Nicalis have announced that the upcoming game, Save Me Mr.Tako: Tasukete Tako San -- which was first announced in 2014 -- will be released for both PC and Nintendo Switch in Q4 2017.

Sonic Mania Requires Internet Connection on Steam

It was all going so well for Sonic Mania publisher Sega.After being hailed as the first universally well-received Sonic game since the 90's, fans of the game have found a huge problem with the Steam version.