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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Debuts New Trailers for Protagnosits Itsuki, Tsubasa, and Touma

Meet Itsuki, Tsubasa, and Touma, along with their Fire Emblem inspired Mirages in their new English trailers.Itsuki acts as the main protagonist and kind-hearted leader of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE's cast.

More Persona 5 Story Info: From Elizabeth to Margaret comes 2 new Velvet Room Assistants

Atlus released a load of new story details yesterday for their upcoming PlayStation 3 and 4 JRPG, Persona 5.In particular, the new details revolve around the Velvet Room, a mysterious place where an elderly man named Igor resides.

Can Outlast 2 Save Horror Games?

If all goes as planned, Outlast 2 will release sometime this fall.Regardless, I'm really hopeful that Outlast 2 will be the game save the horror genre.

Sims 4 paves the way for game character customization

The Sims 4 is paving the way for game character customization.In The Sims 4, you can make your sim look exactly how you want.

New Battlefield 1 Teaser, features anti-tank dynamite

Few days ago, new Battlefield 1 teaser was revealed.Today, another teaser was released, focusing on anti-tank dynamite used in game.

When and How Can You Play WWE 2K16 for Free on Xbox One

According to the Xbox Wire, Xbox Live Gold members can play WWE 2K16 for free on Xbox One from June 16 to June 19.The game will also be available for a "special promotional price" during the week after the free period concludes.

Halo 5: Pro-League and Podcast announcements

For those who aren't aware of what's going on in the Halo scene, it may be wise to catch up on the various updates before E3.The updates we're talking about concern the HCS Halo Invitational, Warzone Firefight skin-packs, and HCS podcasts!

Torment: Tides of Numenara is Delayed, Backers get Beta Access

Sorry Planescape: Torment fans, the spiritual successor Torment: Tides of Numenara is being pushed back.In their update for the game's Kickstarter, Brian Fargo states that he wants to give the localization team more time to touch on the game.

The Division appears to be quickly bleeding out

Recent analytics have shown that The Division’s player base has dwindled to minuscule numbers.After selling extremely well upon release, the game has apparently failed to keep its players coming back to the game.

This featurette's getting me excited for the Warcraft film

com released a featurette for Warcraft showcasing the movie's version of the Horde.I'm a big fan of the Warcraft lore.

Even Battlefield 1 can't escape EA's dreaded micro-transactions

E3 is right around the corner, and Battlefield 1 is set to reveal new, highly anticipated information.The game will be going back to World War 1 and the early 1900’s, which is a breath of fresh air since there has been an abundance of current and futuristic era shooters.

How they got there: Panthera, Paradigm, and Hungry For More heading to DreamHack

iRaffer seemed to favor Ares or Bacchus during the split compiling a 13-1 record when playing one or the other.To be fair not much has slowed Panthera down during the Spring Split.

Ashes of the Singularity update adds full voice over dialog

The new update adds an enhanced campaign, complete with full voice over for all dialogue, new missions, and new cutscenes.CEO and President of Stardock games, Brad Wardell,  announced that: “Players will experience a lot more immersion with our campaign improvements.

Check out the Sonic Boom: Fire

As of June 8, IGN has released the trailer for the upcoming game, Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.It is the third video game based on the Sonic Boom TV series and the sequel to Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal.

Game(Skinny) of Thrones: Predicting Episode 8 With WWE 2K16

The heated rivalry between Arya Stark and The Waif comes to a head as we use WWE 2K16 to predict today's episode of Game of Thrones.Enraged not only by Blackfish's strategy, but also by his stupid, dirty neckbeard, Jaime launches a full-on assault focused on Blackfish's throat.

Genji Badminton is the New, Best Meta Overwatch Game

To replicate this yourself all you need are 4 Genjis, 2 Mercys and 1 Junkrat.The game is simple.

Watch Dogs 2 Release Date, Details Revealed In World Premiere

During today's World Premiere for the upcoming Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft unveiled plenty of details, and as previously suggested by other media outlets, some of these weren't a surprise.According to Senior Producer Dominic Guay, the world of Watch Dogs 2 does not revolve solely around the player's actions: "We broke the feeling that the world is centered on you, the player.

Quantum Break's Developer Coming Out with New Games

This raised the bar for Remedy and Thomas Puha is looking forward.They are planning on creating more games and getting them out more often.

Debut gameplay of the new Legend of Zelda is set for June 14

June 14 the world can see debut gameplay of the new Legend of Zelda for Wii U.The first day, June 14, will be dedicated to the new Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Wii U.

Checkmate as Pure Chess Arrives on Xbox One and PC Soon

With over 2,500,000 downloads across all available platforms, is it your move?This latest iteration has been developed solely by the publisher's in-house development team.