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Is Skyforge Worth the Download on PS4?

The sci-fi MMO Skyforge launched on PlayStation 4 on April 11.In Skyforge, players learn that they are an immortal being, granting them special powers and abilities.

How Much is the Nier Automata DLC and When Does It Release?

The new costumes pay fan service to 2010’s NieR by giving the protagonist 2B access to an outfit that resembles that of Kaine from the original Nier.Other costumes include take on Younger Nier from NieR: Replicant on the adolescent 9S, and the more commonly recognized Adult Nier from NieR: Gestalt, and similar to the contrast of Kaine’s look on 2B, the costumes give the cast a more sultry, revealing look to them than their original incarnations.

Mark My Words: The Minecraft Marketplace Will Normalize Paid Mods

Now Minecraft mod creators are getting their chance to be paid for their work.1 Discovery Update for Minecraft will launch with the Minecraft Marketplace.

8 Best Indie Games for the PS Vita

So what are the best indie games still available for the portable PlayStation consoles?Severed is a beautifully designed game exclusively for the PS Vita which may be the game's only folly.

Five Reasons There Aren't More Console MMOs

To examine an issue like that, let’s break down five big reasons why they aren't more console MMOs.The traditional PC MMO experience is incredibly diverse and complex -- and many control that complexity with even more complex inputs.

How Does Faeria Stack Up Against Other CCGs?

A free-to-play CCG, Faeria adds in a twist to the normal card game.Adding in board game elements, the game is played on a board made up of hexagonal lands.

3 Minecraft PE End Portal Village Spawn Seeds

The best kind of end portal seeds are seeds that have them at the games spawn point.Here's our three favorite village seeds with strongholds and end portals beneath their well's.

Where to Find Liquid Mercury in Persona 5 and Why You Need It

Persona 5 has a great deal of crafting items that you'll find during your adventure of freeing peoples hearts.You should be able to find plenty of different personas such as Anubis and Anzu in these locations that will provide Liquid Mercury once you've beaten them.

How to Beat (and Earn) Zephiel In Fire Emblem: Heroes Using F2P Units

Fire Emblem Heroes has had events called Grand Hero Battles every few weeks since its release.This week is the most recent battle for Zephiel, the mad king from Fire Emblem 6.

How Fuse Powerful Personas in Persona 5

In Persona 5, Persona fusions are essential into gaining more power in order to fight against shadows and to steal treasure from corrupted humans.But with this guide, you will become fusion experts by going through the basics on Persona fusions as well as knowing how to use Persona calculators and Confidants.

Tips and Tricks for Catching Orlov in Persona 5

Most Persona 5 fans know how difficult it is to capture treasure Personas.It may take couple of tries and a lot of patience, but with these tips, you will be able to locate and capture Orlov with guarantee!

Orion Releases New Game for Original Game Boy

It's been a long time since we've seen new software for the original Game Boy, which debuted in 1989." The game itself takes place in prison Bulor 24, where you must make your way through while avoiding the security cameras.

Broforce Composer is Working on New Indie Title AereA

It was announced today by publishers SOEDESCO that Deon van Heerden, composer for Broforce, has signed up to do the soundtrack for Triangle Studios upcoming action-RPG AereA.The game is expected to release on June 30th on PC, XBox One and PS4 digitally as well as a boxed format.

Full Of Stars: Code to Unlock the Vault in Quantum Comms Station

Full of Stars is a free-to-play action game that launched in the iOS store on April 11.But some players have reported getting stuck at the Quantum Comms Station.

Missed Out On Pokemon GO's Easter Eggstravaganza? Here's How to Get Lucky Eggs

But with the event now coming to its end, let’s take a look at the ways to find Lucky Eggs during regular gameplay.There are 3 main ways to get Lucky Eggs: The most regularly accessible way of accumulating Lucky Eggs is to purchase them from the shop using Pokémon GO's in-game currency, Pokécoins.

How to Find and Use the Boarding Pass to Access the Fitting Room in Persona 5

In the seventh dungeon of Persona 5, which takes place on Shido's Cruiser, players are tasked with sneaking into a fitting room.But they need a boarding pass to access the room -- lest they find another route.

Get Ready to Be Rick-iddy Rekt in Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

If you don't know what Rick and Morty is, chances are you've been living under a rock -- or in an alternate multiverse without the awesomeness of the show.You can now take part in crazy Rick and Morty shenanigans in Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality.

Final "Meet the Heroes" Video Rounds Out Dragon Quest Heroes II Cast

Leading up to this launch date, Square Enix has been releasing "Meet the Heroes" videos, which detail various heroes from across the series that will star in DQH2.Today's video -- the last to be released pre-launch -- details the last 3 of 15 heroes that are coming with the base game.

New Bandai Namco Dark Vampire RPG, Code Vein, Announced

Last week, Bandai Namco released a teaser trailer using the hashtag #preparetodine.The trailer showed a dark, demonic kind of story with vampires big swords and lots of blood.

Troll and I Review: Beautiful Story But Flawed Execution

The only thing that Troll and I has going for it, in my mind, is its setting.Far too much of the game doesn't work well or is severely lacking in one way or another.