Pokemon GO Super Effective Files: Dragonite Spotlight

This week's Super Effective Files continues the Pokemon GO spotlight with Dragonite. This king of the skies is the only Dragon currently in the game, besides its pre-evolutions. It has amazing stats, the highest overall base stats in the game, and great resistances to popular attackers.

I'm going to go over what makes Dragonite so great, and list the moves available as well. Check out my other Super Effective Files for plenty of other Pokemon.

Dragonite is the 3rd Pokemon in the Dratini family. You must first evolve Dratini into Dragonair with 25 Candy, or catch a Dragonair in the wild. Then, you must evolve Dragonair into Dragonite by using 100 candy. You can also catch Dragonite in the wild, but that is extremely rare.

Dragonite is weak to Rock, Fairy, Dragon, and has a double weakness to Ice. It is resistant to Fire, Water, Ground, Fighting, Bug, has a double resistance to Grass.

The resistances, high CP and base stats, and great moves makes this one of the best Pokemon in the game.

This massive CP and attack makes it tough to beat, especially with the right moveset.

Dragonite has mostly Dragon moves, but can also have Steel and Normal moves.

The best movesets change depending on if you are attacking a gym, or defending it.

Offensively, Dragon Breath is the superior primary move because of the higher DPS and type bonus you get from using it. Dragon Claw is the secondary move you want for the bonus and highest DPS.

For defending gyms, Steel Wing is superior because of the high damage it does and the ability to do extra damage to many of Dragonite's weaknesses.

Dragon Pulse is also a better move to have since it does more STAB damage at once and the defense A.I. makes use of secondary moves really well.

That wraps up this week of Pokemon GO Super Effective Files. Let me know of any you would like to see in the future!

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