New from : Introducing Launch Commerce

We’ve always reviewed gaming products on GameSkinny. We’ve even put together buying guides for the best gaming desks and gift guides for the holidays. Well, now we’re taking that one step further. Maybe more than one.

Enter Launch Commerce. GameSkinny’s Launch Commerce posts are where you go for recommendations and deals when you need a new headset or some sweet PokeGear for that PokeDate you’re going on this weekend.

As GameSkinny’s Launch Commerce Editor, I will be hand-selecting some of the gaming community’s favorite products or best deals. My daily posts will appear on GameSkinny, but you can have them sent directly to your inbox if you’re signed up for GameSkinny’s newsletter. Keep an eye out for my posts so you can find your next favorite gadget, gear, or game (without breaking the bank)!

I’m always looking for new awesome products, so please send me your favorites at [email protected]

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