Pokemon Sun and Moon Reveals 6 New Pokemon and New Features

Check out the new Pokemon and features revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon!

If you have been following Pokemon Sun and Moon news, you are in luck -- because even more Pokemon and features have just been announced. The 6 new Pokemon, Wimpod, Bounsweet, Comfey, Mudsdale, Bewear, and Mimikyu, are all interesting and some have unique type combinations.

Wimpod is known as the Turn Tail Pokemon because of its cowardly nature. They often run off when startled, or spit out a poisonous liquid. Even though it scares easily, it is a curious Pokemon and will approach other Pokemon or people that are standing still.

It has a new ability called Wimp Out, which allows it to flee battle when its HP drops below half.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Bounsweet

Bounsweet is known as the Fruit Pokemon, and its scent has a calming effect on humans. Many people in the Alola region keep one in their homes as an air freshener. 

The aroma also attracts other Pokemon, who sometimes swallow it whole.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Comfey

Comfey is known as the Posey Picker Pokemon because of the flowers it picks and always carries with it. It has a new ability called Triage, which gives restorative moves priority in battle.

This will be an interesting Pokemon to see in competitive battling, depending on which restorative moves it can learn.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Mudsdale

Mudsdale is the Draft Horse Pokemon and has a massive body. It has extremely powerful kicks, made even more powerful by the protective mud that coats them.

It also has a new ability called Stamina, which raises its defense every time it is hit by an attack. 

Pokemon Sun and Moon Bewear

Bewear is the Strong Arm Pokemon. This is another weird looking/colored Pokemon, but don't let that fool you! The bear hugs it gives have tremendous force and it is considered dangerous.

It has a new ability called Fluffy, which halves the damage it takes from moves that make direct contact and doubles the damage it takes from Fire moves.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Mimikyu

Mimikyu is known as the Disguise Pokemon because of the Pikachu disguise it wears everywhere. The reason for this is sort of sad. Pikachu merchandise had become very popular, so Mimikyu decide to use this as a disguise to try to make friends with humans because of how lonely it is.

It has a new ability called Disguise, which allows it to escape danger once by using the disguise, then its appearance changes.

Pokemon weren't the only thing to be revealed. New online and training options were also shown.

The Pokemon Global Link, which is the online feature for Pokemon, is adding the Friendly Competition function. This allows players to host their own competitions either online or locally and set their own regulations.

Hyper Training will allows Pokemon that reach level 100 to train even further. This is done by taking new Bottle Cap items to an NPC called Mr. Hyper. Pokemon will be able to increase their individual strengths past level 100, which has not been possible in the previous games.

There is no further info on exactly how this feature will work, but this is huge for the competitive aspect of the game.

That's it for the recent Pokemon and features revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon. Stay tuned as we continue to cover any news as we get closer to its November 18th release date!

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