Two new campaign updates in the works for Shovel Knight

In 2014, the world of gaming was hooked on a game called Shovel Knight. The game featured retro graphics, 8-bit music, and gameplay similar to the 1989 classic DuckTales. The game was an instant winner. Tons of people were streaming it on Twitch, making YouTube videos about the game, and everyone was talking about it. Shovel Knight is even a character that many fans want to be added to Super Smash Bros.

Now, two years after the game's original release and ten months since the last new campaign update,  Yacht Games is back at it again with two new campaigns in the works: the Specter Knight and the King Knight.

Looking at the video from Yacht Games on Twitter, it looks like the King Knight will play similarly to Shovel Knight. The two exceptions are that he spins when he jumps up and he can dash forward in midair. No word on release date yet, but just knowing that they are working on more is exciting. 

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