Pokemon Super Effective Files: Ice Spotlight

This week's Super Effective Files focuses on Ice-type Pokemon. The spotlight will be on Avalugg, but first I want to take some time to go over some general info on the Ice type.

Ice is peculiar type in Pokemon since it is separate from Water. Many RPGs will count water and ice as the same type and give them the same strengths and weaknesses.

Pokemon treats them separately, which they really should, as it presents more options and makes things more realistic. Water beats Fire, makes sense, so Ice is weak to Fire since it can melt it. However, there is much more to Ice types than just being realistic.

Ice-type Pokemon were one of the best to have in early generations, because it was the only type that was super effective against Dragons (besides other Dragons). They deal 2x damage to Grass, Ground, and Flying types as well. They only deal half damage to Fire, Ice, Steel, and Water.

For defense, they take half damage from only other Ice types. They take 2x damage from Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Steel. As you can see, they aren't the best in the defense department, but it is still a solid choice.

There are plenty of Ice moves to choose from, and most have the unique ability to cause opponents to freeze. Frozen Pokemon cannot use any moves until they are thawed out, similar to the Sleep status. Moves like Ice Punch and Ice Beam are very powerful and have the chance to freeze opponents.

Ice also has a weather effect move called Hail that will damage any non-Ice Pokemon every turn it is active. It doesn't have as many helpful effects as other popular weather moves like Sunny Day or Rain Dance.

Most of the time, Ice is best used when it is a dual type, but today's spotlight on Avalugg will show how defensive Ice can be.

I won't go over the type strengths and weaknesses of Avalugg because it is a pure Ice type. When it comes to Defense, Avalugg's stats are extremely high. Even the Attack is pretty high, with a good HP to go on top of it all. The other stats, particularly Speed, are abysmal. 

Bergmite evolves into Avalugg at level 37. It has 2 normal abilities, Own Tempo and Ice Body, and 1 hidden ability, Sturdy.

Avalugg's biggest strength is easily its outrageous Defense stat. This makes it a great physical wall, regardless of type. It can survive nearly any physical attack, except some really powerful ones like a Close Combat from a mega evolved Lucario.

Since it also has a pretty high Attack, you can deal some good damage or even take out other Pokemon when you're not defending.

Impish is easily the best nature, since it raises Defense even more and lowers a stat it won't use, Special Attack.

Pokemon Avalugg super training

I maxed Defense in EV/Super Training, then split the remaining between HP and Attack. This lets me have the max Defense, while still having a decent HP pool and stronger attacks. You could also try maxing Defense and HP for more a more tanky build, or Defense and Attack for more damage.

Leftovers is my first choice for held items since you can recover HP at the end of each turn. Focus Band or Focus Sash are also good choices, so you can potentially survive a move that would otherwise KO you. Only use Focus Sash if you don't have the Sturdy ability.

The moveset I chose focuses on keeping Avalugg in the fight as long as possible, while still hitting the enemy hard. I went with Recover, Earthquake, Roar, and Avalanche.

That wraps up this week's Pokemon Super Effective Files! I'll be here next week!

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