Dubai is Littered With Abandoned Super Cars EVERYWHERE

Dubai is known for its absurd opulence and unbelievable wealth. You see this all the time in games, movies (ahem, Fast and Furious 7).

However, over in the United Arab Emirates there exists such a thing as debtor's prison. It basically means that if you welch on your debts you can actually be thrown in jail. You know all those student loans you're avoiding like the plague? Well over there that noise can get you locked the hell up.

Now, for a city known for their insane wealth and the sheer volume of supercars that scream up and down its highways, they've likely got a lot of people flaunting more money than they should. When people lose all their worth and face prison time as a result they're left with one option: Flee.

In fact, so many people run from the country, never to return, that you can walk up and down the streets with a camera and get direct footage of all the incredible cars these rich losers left behind.

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