Introducing GoG Connect: Access DRM Free games from your Steam library, home of DRM-free copies of popular software, announced its new service GOG Connect today. This service will allow users to connect their GoG and Steam accounts, allowing them to access titles from their Steam library on GoG. 

This new service does more than simply allow users an additional platform from which to access their favorite Steam games. GoG games are strictly DRM-free, meaning the user never has to verify ownership of their copy or be connected to the internet in order to use offline features.

Currently, the list of connected games is small, but GoG confirms that they plan to continue adding more in the future. Current games include:

It is worth noting that games will not be eligible for Connect indefinitely. The ability to connect a game to GoG from Steam is time-limited, and the time a game is eligible to be connected will vary. However, once a game has been imported to GoG from Steam, it remains permanently in your GoG library, even if it is no longer able to be freshly connected.

To get started, head to the official GoG Connect website and connect your Steam and GoG accounts. Once connected, GoG will pull your Steam library and automatically make any eligible Steam titles available to you. Be sure to check back frequently to see what new titles are available for Connect and to add them to your GoG library.

Notice: As the service is new, it may be running slow as more and more users connect for the first time. As with any new service, patience is key. If the service can't connect, try again later.

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