Monster Hunter Stories and Puzzles

The Monster Hunter series continues its many collaborations with various companies, and this time it's for Puzzle & Dragons X.

The Monster Hunter series has another new collaboration effort this year, this time with strategy RPG Puzzle & Dragons X for the 3DS!

A few of the monsters from the spin-off turn-based RPG Monster Hunter Stories will show up in Puzzles & Dragons X as bosses, including Rathalos and Nargacuga. Players will also be able to attain Rathalos and subspecies Azure Rathalos "Soul" armor for their main character through completing a collaboration quest in game.

The Monster Hunter series has many bonus downloadable content (DLC) projects with companies in the past, varying from costumes to weapons to even playable modified bosses.

Puzzles & Dragons X comes out on July 28th, and Monster Hunter Stories comes out in Japan on October 8th.

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