Halo Wars 2 Will Be Playable at E3

Halo Wars 2 is pretty damn anticipated among all Xbox fans. The first entry did what it could to mitigate the issues of playing a RTS effectively with a controller and they did a solid job. 

Microsoft has been spending more time recently showcasing Gears of War 4 for its upcoming fall release but as we get closer to E3 they're beginning to talk a little more about Halo Wars 2 and what to expect. 

The Halo Wars 2 team is anxiously gearing up for E3, where the game will indeed be playable. There’s also – well, I can’t talk about more just yet.

That's all according to a recent 343 Industries blog post. No one is sure of what that second bit is all about. Maybe the game will introduce Forerunner and/or Flood units and factions? Maybe Microsoft will continue the peripheral game and announce a new trackball or mouse style controller specifically for RTS games on a console? 

Ok, that last one is a bit of a stretch but it'd be pretty damn funny if that does happen. 

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