Overwatch Guide: Hanzo Info and Tips

Learn the way of the bow and master Hanzo with this Overwatch guide!

Hanzo is the expert bow user in Overwatch. He has many tricks to help the team out or take out enemies. It takes patience and time to get good at aiming with his bow, but players that go the extra mile are rewarded with a character that can terrorize the enemy team.

If you love bows, climbing walls, and want to shout Ryuu-ga, Wa-ga-te-ki-wo, Ku-ra-u, Hanzo is for you. I'm going to go over some info on Hanzo, as well as give some tips on playing him.

Hanzo used to belong to the assassin clan, Shimada. He was the eldest son of the head of the clan and would take his father's place one day. At a young age, Hanzo trained in martial arts, bowmanship, and learning the ways of the criminal empire his family became. He showed a natural talent for all of these and was set to become a great leader for the Shimada clan.

This all changed when his father died and other members urged Hanzo to get his brother, Genji, to take a more active role. An argument started over this, and eventually a violent battle. This led to Hanzo believing he killed his brother.

After everything, Hanzo eventually abandoned the clan to travel the world in search of redemption. 

Hanzo is a defense character which means his main job is to defend objectives. He is a sniper like Widowmaker, though works differently.

Overwatch Hanzo info

That's all I have for my Overwatch Hanzo info and tips. Let me know if you have any questions!

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