Put the Pedal to the Metal with New Double Kick Heroes Content

Good news for fans of the wild metal zombie-slaying rhythm game, Double Kick Heroes! The game is undergoing changes this month to make your band's adventure even more bloody and unpredictable, with even more changes and extra content.

New highlights to gameplay include a world map, explored over a series of chapters from America to Transylvania, and a garage, where you can interact with the band members, receive missions, and unlock items.

In response to player feedback that zombies were overused, Double Kick Heroes now features different monsters for each chapter. For instance, in the wastelands of California, you can now fight zombie sharks.


Less significant, although still impactful to gameplay, other additions include new effects such as fog and blood trails.

And if this isn't enough to satiate you, more chapters are assured for upcoming months, sure to deliver even more rhythmical mayhem.

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