PVP is getting a big tweak in Destiny next week

Remember Destiny? I…sort of do. But whenever I log in, I just see tumbleweeds roll past me. That also happen to have a higher light level as well, and some sickass gear to boot. Anyway, Bungie is hoping to revive some interest in their waning space opera with an update next week. An update that is promising a return to form for the single-player fans, but also some big tweaks for the Crucible.

Here’s a rundown of how the Player vs Player arena will be changing after that big patch drops:

Your primary is going to more crucial than ever before, as the Crucible won’t be doling out a stack of specialised ammo anymore. Instead, special ammo will only spawn three minutes into a match, and again two minutes later. Heavy ammo will only appear after five minutes, for a one-time use only. In Elimination and Trials of Osiris, a team that reaches three wins first will see heavy ammo spawn once only.

Swapping your sidearm away will also reduce your acquired special ammo. This kind of feels like a step backwards, placing too way too much emphasis on Primary weapons, but we’ll see how it plays from next week.

For the Iron Banner, Legendary engrams have been terminated in favour of more Iron Banner flavoured rewards. According to Bungie, these will be “about the Rank 3 and Rank 5 packages,” with a guaranteed Artifact and Ghost drop at the 320 Light level range for Rank 3 rewards and 335 Light level drops at Rank 5.

Outside of the Iron Banner Light Level 335 items can be found in the Trials of Osiris, if your team can make it to Mercury. There’ll also be 330 Light items in Bounties, while Shaxx might also reward players with a 335 light level piece of gear as part of a Crucible reward.

You’ll need an extra two seconds to revive in the Trials of Osiris, 14 seconds on your second death and 21 when the third bullet is the charm to your grey matter. “We want to make it risk vs rewards to resurrection,”Bungie said. ” Overshields are less powerful and distance will be taken into account, so players will need to be closer when reviving. It will also take players longer to revive.”

Bungie has given the most popular exotics in the game a once-over, announcing changes for the following death-dealers:

Sniper rifles will be far more effective at long range than medium range as intended, as the zoom range has been tinkered with on scopes to reflect this. There will also be more accuracy as a flipside to this, but again the balance comes in the form of 20% less stability as the idea is to do away with quick kills from snipers.

Hand cannons will now have a larger ammo pool to draw from, something which will please anyone who uses The Last Word regularly. Autorifles will have a slightly reduced damage output, while Pulse Rifles will have lowered rate of fire in exchange for a base damage increase. Fusion rifles have received more stability, as there’ll be less of a kick when they fire.

Lastly, the Warlock is getting a much-needed tune-up:

And that’s it! There’s obviously more to talk about it, but those are finer details to sort. The Destiny patch drops on April 12, for anyone who isn’t still playing anything else right now.

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