Prey 2 Is Alive Again, Expect a New Announcement at E3

Prey was, in my opinion, a sadly underrated game when it released somewhere in the ballpark of a decade ago. It had a fairly unique story as games go while also progressing a horrifically depressing story. 

Prey 2 was announced some years later and put you into the shoes of an Air Marshall who was aboard the "abducted" airliner you see early on in the game. In the original trailer above you can see the Marshall currently living the dream: a bounty hunter in space. 

However the poor game suffered in development limbo and never saw the light of day. 

Now things have changed. As we approach E3 2016 it's come to light a new Prey game developed by Arkane (who made Dishonored) will be revealed on June 14th, the first day of the expo. You'll also find yourself redirected to a now closed facebook page for Prey 2 if you try to visit 

There's no reason to think the new game will have anything to do with the original idea for Prey 2 but here's to hoping because, you know, space bounty hunter. 

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