Chronicles of Elyria: The Dynamic MMO with Aging and Death

Chronicles of Elyria is an upcoming fantasy MMORPG featuring the aging and death of characters in a player influenced world.

Chronicles of Elyria is an upcoming fantasy MMORPG by Soulbound Studios. The game aims to be innovative, immersive, and dynamic through a completely player-influenced world.

The Kickstarter for the game launched on May 3, 2016, and was fully funded by May 14 with its goal of $900k. The project currently has over $1 million pledged and ends on June 3, 2016.

Chronicles of Elyria is the first MMORPG to feature the aging and permanent death. This persuades players to carefully consider their character's choices and actions. Players must be willing to take risks to become heroes and influential characters, but those who fail a dangerous quest will return with a shorter lifespan.

While a character's life span is about 1 year in real time, each death will bring a character closer to permadeath. But when a character permadies, their soul is reincarnated into a new character.

The world is dynamic and ever-changing through other players' actions in non-repeatable quests and a continuously unfolding story, giving each character a unique experience, and encouraging players to keep logging back in.

In this game, combat is defined by a player's skill. There is no auto-attacking, hot-key skills, or button mashing. Instead, combat requires players to strategically time their attacks, dodge, and parry -- all while watching their stamina.

Chronicles of Elyria has a unique take on MMORPGS, and looks like it will be an impressive and ambitious game.

For more information, check out the Chronicles of Elyria website or Kickstarter page.

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