Worms W.M.D. Looks Like a Fantastic Return to Classic Worms

Personally, I played a ton of Worms years ago back in school on a local network in a few IT classes. There have been a few iterations released over the years but none have really captured the strategy and fun of the original game all those years ago. Worms Revolution came a little close but it never sat right with me.

Now Team17 has put out this trailer showcasing some of the new features to expect in Worms W.M.D when it drops later this year. While there isn't an exact release date yet the trailer is still worth getting excited over. Over 80 weapons are in the game total and they've even added vehicles like helicopters and tanks. 

And they're celebrating ALL forms of multiplayer with online, matchmaking, local network and (the most classic of multiplayer) "Couch" local. Oh, it'll be great to pass a controller down the line and take turns with a casual multiplayer game once again.

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