GUIDE - How to speed up EXP farming in Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam

Looking to level up quickly in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam? Do you want to hit max level? I've got the answers.

In virtually all RPGs, getting into battles and completing quests is considered the primary way to earn experience, or EXP. In the Mario and Luigi games, getting into battles is pretty much the only way to earn EXP.

What differentiates Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam from other games in the series is their battle card system: cards that improve the abilities of Mario, Luigi, or Paper Mario, as well as those of their enemies, albeit for the worse.

There are also cards out there that improve things like how many coins and (probably saw this coming) EXP you can get from battles. If you're concerned with leveling up quickly, or obsessed with getting up to max level, this guide, in which I list off the cards and items you'll need to level up as quickly as possible, is for you.

The picture says it all. Shiny enemies yield more EXP than regular enemies. If someone has this ring equipped (in my case, Paper Mario does) more shiny enemies will appear, ergo, you have more chances to earn more EXP. The ring can be purchased from the expert challenges reward shop. So complete some expert challenges and invest in the ring. The ring costs 900 points.

The battle card set is basically the spiritual successor to the badge system used in other Mario and Luigi titles. When going to farm EXP in Paper Jam, you need to make sure you have cards that will help enhance the amount of EXP that you obtain, and you also need to make sure that you have ways to keep your star points up, since, you know, you need those to use battle cards. It's also important that if a card is available shiny, make sure you get it shiny, as it costs less star points to use. Below is a list of each card I have in the set above, and what their function is, from left to right on top, then left to right on bottom:

Experiment with these cards to see which combinations work best for you.

If you disregard every other point on this list, don't disregard this one. Go to where the strongest foes are. It stands to reason that the area where the strongest enemies are is the final area, which in Paper Jam's case is Neo Bowser Castle. Strongest enemies + EXP enhancement battle cards + Shiny ring = moar EXPz.

So that's my guide to speeding up the process of farming EXP in Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam. Feel free to give any extra advice and such in the comments below!

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