DOOM Guide: All Rune Trials Locations and Info

Check this guide for the locations and info on all the Rune Trials in DOOM!

DOOM has many collectibles and upgrades and challenges. Rune Trials are required to unlock the Runes for you to equip. Each one is located at a specific location, on a specific level, and have a challenge you must complete.

The Rune Trials all have a challenge that requires you to use a certain weapon. They can range from simply killing enemies, to reaching a point before time runs out. There could also be certain rules that restrict movement or health.

The header video shows me going to each location and the challenge required to unlock each Rune. I show them in the order they are listed in this guide. Each level listed has 2 Rune Trials you can complete.

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It is hard to miss this one.

  • You'll see this one as soon as you enter the building at the beginning of the level, but you can't reach it yet. Keep going until you get the upgrade to Double Jump.

  • Go back towards the entrance, double jump up the ledge, then turn to your right so double jump to another ledge.

  • Turn to your left when you make it up, then drop down into the area with the Rune Trial.

This one is late in the level.

This one is late in the level.

This one is late in the level, even though you see it early on.

DOOM Blood Fueled rune

That's all of the DOOM Rune Trials Locations and info on them. Let me know if you have any questions or need me to clarify anything.

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