Food Quiz USA/Worldwide Packs 1 Through 10 Answer Guide

Logo quiz-style games are some of the most popular games on Android and iOS. They're easy to get into and it's fun wracking your brain over the answers. Puzzle games at their most simple!

Food Quiz from Guess It Apps is probably one of the most forgiving games like it out there, and that's good because there are a ton of food brands to figure out. The game gives you free points to be used towards hints each day and is generous with them in general, so you have more leeway than most other logo games.

So why would you need the answers if the game gives you a ton of hint points? Because there are a ton of food pictures to figure out and you don't want to waste all those points early on. The game just gets harder as you go and you're going to need those hints unless you want to cheat and read guides (like this one).

These answers are solely for packs 1 through 10 of the USA/Worldwide category.

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