Hot Patootie, Bless my Soul! A Rocky Horror Video Game

It's just a swipe to the left, then a tap to the right! Get ready to do the Time Warp again, with a Rocky Horror Dance Game!

Sometimes a tweet really can catch your eye. That's what happened to me and, as a result, I was led to a Kickstarter page for a rhythm action game called The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me Game. It is in development by Rocket Lolly Games based in London, UK. The game is for tablet and mobile (iOS and Android versions) and lets you take control of the dance moves for some of your favorite Rocky Horror characters.

The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me Game uses finger gestures to make your character perform different dance moves on screen, such as double finger swipe across the screen to make your character do the pelvic thrust, or single finger swipes for standard dance moves and arm gestures. Each character comes with their unique moves, and there are props available to use in your dances as well. While most people know how to do the Time Warp, you can make up your own dance -- in time with the songs of course --- and create something entirely new to really drive you insane!

The characters available at launch will be Riff Raff (your starter character), Brad, Janet and Rocky. While Eddie, Magenta, the gorgeous Frank, and the rest will be made available over time.

Still with 20 days to go on Kickstarter, The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me Game has already made about a third of its campaign goal, aiming for $35,000. They have some fantastic backer rewards, which will seduce any fan, as well as development and Beta test rewards.

The game will be free-to-play and is currently confirmed for mobile and tablet devices, but only on iOS and Android devices -- sorry Windows Phone users.

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