Overwatch Guide: Winston Info and Tips

Winston's beastly presence in Overwatch never goes unnoticed. Here's how to send your enemies scattering like the mice they are!

Winston is one of the most iconic characters in Overwatch. A giant gorilla in a space suit with a tesla gun isn't exactly something you see often -- even in the anything-goes world of video games.

He's also a lot of fun.

If you like the idea of playing an oversized primate that is both smarter than everyone else in the game and punches people in the face, Winston's your guy.

Winston is awesome as a tank -- pure and simple. He has lots of hit points, can protect allies with his barrier, and when he leaps across the map to smash a sniper, it usually causes this kind of reaction:

His weapon is pretty cool -- the Tesla Cannon can only damage enemies at short range, BUT you don't really have to aim with it. It just zaps anyone in front of you. 

Kinda nice for those pesky fast characters like Tracer.

Winston has one or two main combos, but his abilities can be used a variety of different ways. He's not a one-trick pony like some other characters.

Not exactly a good time to show Winston your fancy China cabinet.

In general, Winston uses his Jump Pack to get into the fray quickly, and his Barrier Projector is usually used as soon as he lands or before he jumps to protect his allies on the back lines.

But here are a few more specifics to help you master the big guy.

Good luck with these Winston tips when Overwatch comes out in a few weeks! He's a ton of fun, just don't go bananas and think he's invincible.

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