Civilization VI Announcement Trailer

Fans of the long dormant Civilization series, it's been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over. Civilization VI is on its way.

What originally seemed like an announcement saved for next year came sooner than expected. Nothing was leaked at all about this latest development. In all honesty, it's quite shocking to see Firaxis churn out another sequel so soon. I half-expected them to put out more expansions for Beyond Earth before even thinking of a true sequel to Civilization V.

Regardless, I'm more than excited about this recent announcement.

The trailer shows zero actual gameplay or in-game footage, but does its job of hyping us up. The fan favorite Civilization series is finally back — and it's official.

Future updates regarding the game can be found on the official Civilization website. In the mean-time, I'll be enjoying Civilization V, adding in a couple more hours into my already embarrassing amount of time.

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