Recreate Uncharted 4's E3 Demo Fail and Get a Trophy

The folks over at Naughty Dog know how to drop some hidden Easter Eggs and inventive trophies when it comes to their games. They're even big enough to poke fun at themselves for a good laugh. Just take a look at this awesome (and absurdly easy) trophy. 

Back during their 2015 E3 demo, Naughty Dog ran into a little snafu when they opened up a portion of Uncharted 4 to demo live in front of an audience and world wide live stream. As soon as Nathan walked into this crowd the demo was set to begin but a controller issue prevented the character from moving for a good 30 seconds. 

The issue was fixed and the demo carried on but not after some sharp barbs and jokes were sent their way. 

Well now you can earn a trophy when you play Uncharted 4 by recreating that embarrassing moment by beginning the scene in question then simply standing still for 30 seconds. 

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