Pokemon Super Effective Files: Charizard Spotlight

The Super Effective Files is a weekly spotlight on one Pokemon from the game series. I will go over some info, stats, and a moveset that works well with them. These spotlights will usually be on Mondays, but can be changed for special occasions -- like the big Pokemon Sun and Moon reveal this week. 

For now, the spotlights will go by the current generation, X and Y and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. When Sun and Moon are released, the following Super Effective Files will use the new generation's info.

This week is the starter edition in honor of the new Sun and Moon starters being revealed. I'm going with a fan favorite, as well as one I love -- Charizard. It's a Fire/Flying type so it has a 4x weakness to Rock, and a 2x weakness to Water and Electric. It takes 50% of damage from Steel, Fairy, Fighting, and Fire, and only 25% of damage from Bug and Grass.

Charizard has 2 different mega evolutions, so if you choose to mega evolve this one, you have options. Normally, he has a high Special Attack, but the Mega Charizard X also has a high Attack and is more suited for physical moves. Mega Charizard Y takes the Special Attack to a new level.

Charmander evolves into Charmeleon at level 16, then Charizard at level 36. It has 1 normal ability, Blaze, and 1 hidden ability, Solar Power.

Pokemon Mega Charizard X

Mega Charizard X has the Tough Claws ability. It increases the power of moves that make physical contact by 33%. This definitely makes it a physical attacker, and you will usually want Adamant for the nature.

This mega evolution also changes to Fire/Dragon, which changes his weakness and resistances. It has a 2x weakness to Rock, Dragon, and Ground. It takes 50% damage from Bug, Steel, and Electric, and 25% damage from Fire and Grass.

A moveset I like to use for this is: Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Flare Blitz, and Fly.

Mega Charizard Y takes Charizard's innate high Special Attack to new heights and has the Drought ability. This changes the weather to Sunshine, which increases the power of Fire-type moves by 50% and lowers Water-type moves by 50%. It also makes Solar Beam attack instantly.

Modest is a good nature for this one, since it raises Special Attack and lowers Attack.

A great moveset for the Y mega evolution is: Flamethrower, Solar Beam, Dragon Pulse, and Hidden Power(Ground).

Another alternative to Hidden power is Air Slash. It may not do the same to Electric types, but it s a strong Flying-type and STAB move for Mega Charizard Y.

This wraps up the 1st Pokemon in the Super Effective Files. Let me know what you think of one of the original starters and some of your favorites. I'll also take suggestion on future Pokemon you'd like to see added to the Files.

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