Overwatch Guide: Genji Info and Tips

Genji is a cyborg ninja in Overwatch, who specializes in throwing shurikens. He's fast, acrobatic, and hard to master. Like his brother, Hanzo, Genji takes precise aiming and skill to play effectively. He also has a few abilities he can use with his katana to give him more versatility. 

If you like ninjas, being accurate, and having the ability to deflect even ultimates back to your attacker, then Genji is for you. I'll help you get used to him by going over some Genji info and giving some tips on playing him.

Genji was the youngest son to the master of the Shimada clan, but led a carefree life while living with them. The Shimada clan had illegal businesses, which Genji stayed away from. After his father's death, Hanzo urged Genji to become more active in the clan. This led to a violent confrontation that left Genji barely alive, though Hanzo believed he was dead.

The Overwatch agent known as Mercy saved him, and they rebuilt his body through cyberization. He helped them fight Shimada clan, then left Overwatch to find meaning in his life. He eventually found it in his future mentor, Zenyatta, and is now free to do as he chooses.

Genji is an offense character, and his only job is to deal damage to the enemy team. He has a high difficulty, meaning it will take some time to get used to him and more skill to play him effectively.

Overwatch Genji info

That's all of the tips and Genji info I have for Overwatch. Let me know if you have any questions!

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