Overwatch Guide: Lucio Info and Tips

Pump up the volume with this guide on Lucio in Overwatch!

Lucio is a support character in Overwatch who uses songs to help his team. He can switch between 2 whenever he want, providing either healing or a movement speed boost.

Lucio has a few other things he can do as well, such as ride on a wall and push people back. His versatility makes him a welcomed addition to any team and the support character I play the most. I'll go over some Lucio info and give tips on how to play him effectively.

Lucio grew up in a poor section of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He turned to music to cheer everyone up around him and became a local legend by performing at many parties and underground shows.

His music gained popularity after he led an uprising against the Vishkar Corporation that came in to make things even worse for his community. He stole their sonic technology and converted it into the tools he uses today.

Lucio is a support character so his main job is to help the team. His weapon isn't that bad and because of the way his songs work, you can usually attack while helping your team out.

Overwatch Luicio combat

That's it for my Overwatch guide on Lucio Info and Tips. Let me know if you have any questions!

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