Battleborn Shayne and Aurox Guide

Learn how to play the stealthy dual character in Battleborn, Shayne and Aurox, with this guide!

Battleborn's Shayne and Aurox may be two characters, but they still play as one. It does provide you with a few options not available to most characters, and a few different ways you can play her.

You can attack with melee, or use her boomerang to stay at a distance. I'll explain how Shayne and Aurox work, as well as tips on their helix skills and combat.

Shayne is a teen girl with an evil djinn named Aurox that serves as her bodyguard. You usually see Aurox surrounding Shayne and makes her primary attack a melee.

Her secondary attack is a Boomerang for ranged combat and can be changed to hit multiple targets. 

Shayne and Aurox is a character that can be strong in melee range as well as at a distance because of Boomerang. Fighting at a distance is surprisingly effective and good for when you want to use hit-and-run tactics.

Shayne and Aurox's 2 Helix styles, Fun and Games, changes how you play the character. 

I'm going to go over some Helix suggestions based on playing as a damage stealth character going in and out of fights.

Battleborn Shayne and Aurox Helix

That's it for my Battleborn Shayne and Aurox guide. Let me know if you have questions or your own suggestions for playing this character.

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