Overwatch Guide: Tracer Info and Tips

Learn how to play the master of time in Overwatch, Tracer, with this guide!

Tracer is a popular Overwatch character that has fast movement, dual automatic pistols, and the ability to go back in time. Her popularity probably increased over the whole pose fiasco, but she was always a central character to showcase the game.

She is an offense character that favors hit and run tactics while making herself hard to hit. Since you have to be careful how you engage enemies, it can take some time to get used to her. I'll help you get started by explaining how she works and give some tips on playing Tracer.

Tracer is a former Overwatch agent who had an accident in an experimental teleporting fighter plane. This caused her to randomly vanish into different times, until Winston designed the device on her chest plate to keep her in the present. This also allows her to control time by teleporting short distances and going back short periods in time.

Tracer is an offense character, so her job is deal damage and defeat enemies. Her abilities involve controlling time and can easily let her escape a dangerous situation or get behind enemy lines.

Overwatch Tracer combat

That wraps up my Tracer Info and Tips for Overwatch. Let me know if you have any questions!

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