Steam updates customer review system

On May 3, PC game distribution platform Steam announced an update to the customer feedback system in which they are going to rework on the visibility for recent reviews and scores. 

In the past, Steam reviews were ranked by upvotes. When the game was released, early reviews were more likely to have more upvotes than those posted later. When games are updated, the older, high-ranked reviews may no longer reflect the game. In response to this situation, Steam changed the review system to having the most recent reviews be in the front page of the games. When users look at the review section of the game, they will see the most recent feedback for the game, because that reflects the most recent version of the game.

In addition to this, Steam added a Recent Review Score to calculate the positive percentage of reviews within the past 30 days for games that have been on the service for at least 45 days and have enough reviews posted during that time period. The overall score is still present as well, in case you still find that information helpful.

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In addition to promoting visibility of recent posts, Steam also added:

This new comment ranking system allows potential users to better understand what the game is like after several updates.

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