Bravely Second Yokai Job Guide

Master the diabolical power of the Yokai Job with this guide!

The Yokai Job in Bravely Second is a unique one that uses magic and special abilities. It is the last job you unlock and has a quest to unlock all the abilities. It is an important Job to have, because it lets you get all your Jobs past the level 10 limit and go to level 11. Even if you don't use the Job, it is worth getting it just for that.

The magic and abilities from the Seven Great Sins definitely make this Job worth your time. If you want help with anything else in Bravely Second, check out my Master Guide List.

You unlock Yokai after defeating Yoko in Vampire Castle in Chapter 6. Even though you can unlock the Job by just defeating her, you won't have access to the magic and abilities of the Job.

Check out my Yokai Quest and Seven Sins Locations for details on getting them.

Bravely Second Yokai Job

I find the best way to use Yokai is like a magic Job. They have the strongest fire, water, lightning, and air magic in the game.

Their sin abilities are also useful and the Job could be used just for that.

Sloth is great when you want to make all enemies weak to all elements so you can devastate them with elemental attack.

Envy is good when you want to lower enemy stats, and Pride is good when you want to raise your own.

The best part is that all these abilities also cancel enemy support effects, so you can buff yourself while crippling your enemy at the same time.

You can be very creative with Disguise as well, since it lets you change your Job and access all the abilities of that Job.

That's all for my guide on the Yokai job in Bravely Second. Let me know if you have any questions!

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