[Pax East Coverage] QA Panel with Heavensward Naoki Yoshida

If you missed the PAX East Panel with producer/director Naoki Yoshida, well don't fret! We got all the question, answers, and some gold slips from Yoshida himself!

This weekend at PAX East, Final Fantasy XIV director/producer Naoki "Yoshi-P" Yoshida held a QA panel where fans asked questions about the current and future state of the game. Yoshi-P teased future additions and hint at a new dungeon! GameSkinny was lucky enough to attend to panel and we've compiled some of the best questions and answers below.

[Q] Will there be a worldshell/ linkshell app for the phone to allow players to communicate outside of the game?

[Q] Will the 7-Eleven maid and butler outfits exclusive to Japan come to USA?

[Q] Will there be fates for gathering and crafters?

[Q] Will there be anything from Phantasy Star Online in Final Fantasy XIV soon like crossed over events or items? 

[Q] Fate titles are funny and punny! Is this in all languages?

[Q] When will we be able to gather peaches in Final Fantasy XIV? We can get apples, oranges, grapes.

[Q] Will there be more PVP skills?

[Q]Tank classes, even with all gear, have issues with the parry skill. Every 100, induces a 1 or less than 1 chance to parry. Anything being done to fix this?

[Q] Will gender locking on gear be removed?

[Yoshi-P] To unlock all the gender lock will take a lot of time. We're OK with making the changes, but we just need to know what items people want to see unlocked first. Go to the forums and tell us what gear you want to unlock and we'll make a list to work on in the future. First is bunny ears! More info will be posted on the game forum so keep on the look out! 

  [Q] How many classes/jobs are coming out in each expansion?

[Q] Will we be able to fly in all the regions in the next expansion?

[Q] Will their be more fates like with Lighting Returns?

[Q] When are we getting winky face emote?
[Yoshida tells his team watching the stream to make emote. Also, Yoshida cannot wink.]   

[Q] Does Square Enix have a lore bible or do they make up the story as they go?

[Q] Are we going to see new summoner pets?

[Q] Which quest do you love/hate?  

During the panel, Yoshi-P teased fans with a new dungeon: The Deep Dungeon "The Palace of the Dead!" So what is the story behind this mysterious dungeon?  

Palace of the Dead can be played solo or in a party of up to four adventurers. It features an independent progression system starting at level 1 which allows players to pair up with friends whom might be a significantly different level. The new dungeon also has current level and progressive auto-save on select floors. However, if players are KO'd they will revert back to a previous save point. Items from outside of the dungeon will be prohibited. Only items found in the palace  can be and will be able to enhance strength. In addition Palace of the Dead will have:  

More talk of another treasure hunt dungeon will be seen in patch 3.3! Keep on the lookout! More info will be available in a stream coming later this week from Square Enix!

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