Telltale announces new survival game, 7 Days to Die

Telltale has released details about its upcoming survival game, 7 Days to Die! After teasing fans for a while on Twitter they announced that the game will, in fact, be ready and out during June of this year for both PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

This game is the result of Telltale's publishing partnership with Dallas-based independent developer, The Fun Pimps. 

The Telltale blog says that The Fun Pimps have "redefined the survival genre," and this title will offer players a very diverse gaming experience:

For those of you who prefer party play styles, this game also offers local split-screen play and is expecting to be able to support online multiplayer modes, along with other goodies. 

The Walking Dead fans will be pleased to hear that when you pre-order this game, you will unlock 5 character skins -- letting you become one of your favorite characters from the show, like Lee Everett and Michonne.

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