Bravely Second Guide: Blue Chest Locations and Contents

This guide has all of the blue chest locations for Bravely Second and what is in them!

As you go through chapters 1-4 in Bravely Second, you might have noticed there are blue chests that you can't open in some of the dungeons. This is something you get access to later in the game and they have equipment in them.

Going back through all the dungeons to find the blue chests and finding out what each holds can be long and tedious. Don't worry, I'm here to help you skip all that by telling you where each one is and what is in them.

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Before getting started, let me tell you how to unlock the blue chests. You can't start opening them until chapter 5 and later. You can find the key on the ground in Gathelatio - The Sanctum.

You will see the item on the ground shortly after starting the chapter, but you can go back if you missed it.

That's it for the guide on blue chests in Bravely Second! Let me know if you have any questions!

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