Sunset Overdrive And Saints Row IV Currently Free With Xbox Gold

"Free" is a word that is music to everyone's ears. And Microsoft is the Pied Piper leading you to the goodies. Over the weekend, Microsoft added Sunset Overdrive and Saints Row IV to their lineup of free games for those with Xbox Live Gold memberships.

Microsoft has been offering games for free like this for years, and it has been an enormous success for Xbox Live Gold. Those paying for the service expect to get their money's worth. Luckily for Microsoft, they really shine on this front and put out valuable content.

Every couple of weeks, Microsoft makes certain big titles available for free for around two weeks to a month. Please note (to those who don't know) that this doesn't mean that you get the game free forever. You are able to download it for free and play it for as long as Microsoft makes it available for free. Currently, the games that are listed for free are:

Saints Row IV is actually the Xbox 360 version, but it can be played on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One (due to its backwards compatibility.)

If you want to download the games, you can get Sunset Overdrive here and Saints Row IV here.

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