Pokemon: Uranium Fan Game Pulled After 1.5 Million Downloads

In an official statement from the team behind the popular Pokemon fan-game Pokemon Uranium, the game is no longer available on their official website for download.Pictured above is the official image of the Pokemon Uranium team's statement of the game's takedown.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice Release Date Confirmed For This Year

The newest trailer for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice revealed the release date also shows off the abilities for all of the playable characters -- all of which are returning form previous games in the series and all of whom play differently in this regard.The Ace Attorney series is a long-running series of portable visual-novel adventure games centered around the lives of a small group of defense attorneys.

Florida Pokemon Go Players Encounter a Wild Wrinkles the Clown

It now appears that one of the capitals of weird, also known as the state of Florida, has something to add to the mix: a 65-year-old clown named Wrinkles is stalking the players.Image Credit: Games Rant The clown is known for scaring misbehaving children into behaving for their parents or else “Wrinkles the Clown” will get you -- and thus far it has worked.

Procedural generation - the future of gaming?

When the concept of procedural generation of levels in a video game comes up, its probably the unlikely success of Minecraft and those horribly ugly block universes that come to mind.With story-lite, combat-focused games, procedural makes sense Not all games are created equal though, and what works for an action RPG or space exploration sim might not work for shooters or story-based games.

Sci-Fi Classic Master of Orion is Taking Us Back to The Stars This Month

The exact release date is reported to be August 25th, 2016.Due to this success, WG Labs is ready to release its newest game to the public, with a slight addition to the title.

Torment: Tides of Numenera Coming to Consoles

nXile Entertainment and Techland Publishing have announced that their science-fantasy cRPG Torment: Tides of Numenera will be released simultaneously on Playstation 4 and Xbox One in early 2017.Funded through a very successful Kickstarter campaign, the indie game was originally only slated for PC release.

Deal: Keep PoGo going with this Anker PowerCore Portable Charger

We all know by now how quickly Pokemon Go drains our phone batteries.Keep hunting longer with this Amazon deal for the fast-charging Anker PowerCore 5000 Portable Charger!

Face Your Childhood Fears in Little Nightmares

Sending out a cryptic tweet, we discovered that new project is entitled Little Nightmares.Originally remarking that they would show off their new IP at Gamescom, Bandai Namco started to hype things up with an interactive website for Little Nightmares.

Quantum Break to be Released on Steam

Despite receiving overall favourable reviews, Quantum Break greatly suffered from one thing -- its PC version was terrible due to performance and stability issues, restrictions that prevented players from using third-party workarounds, and worst of all, you needed Windows 10 to play it.Now, four months after said release, the third-person shooter will be arriving on Steam on September 14th -- and developer Remedy has promised that it has fixed all the problems the PC version had.

New from : Introducing Launch Commerce

We’ve always reviewed gaming products on GameSkinny.We’ve even put together buying guides for the best gaming desks and gift guides for the holidays.

The Infamous Thorn Returns in Destiny: Rise of Iron

The very mention of this weapon's name can spark rage.A large portion of the Destiny community still suffers from Thorn PTSD, myself included.

No Man's Sky Alien Races Guide with Tips and Tricks

Besides an insurmountable amount of procedurally-generated species of flora and fauna, you will also encounter several intelligent alien races in No Man’s Sky.This guide will give you all the essential tips on how to interact with the alien races, how to learn their languages, and become good partners.

Dota 2 TI6: Most Favorable Team Eliminated in an Unexpected Run

No one ever expected OG, the most favorable team to win TI6, to lose to underdog team TnC from the SEA region.But led by a veteran player Jimmy 'Demon' Ho, TnC outran them with a clean 2-0 win.

New Pokemon Sun And Moon Trailer Confirms Leaks

A couple of days ago, several leaks of the new Pokemon games, Sun and Moon, surfaced -- revealing a couple new Pokemon designs, the enemy team, "Team Skull", and more Alola Pokemon, such as the fan favorite Alola Raichu.While these leaks were accepted by most, some are still suspicious about whether or not they are legitimate.

10 ABZU Tips to Help You Explore, Collect, Dive and Relax

Whether your primary genre is shooters, sports, racing, or anything else, ABZU is a game that can soothe any overly-caffeinated gamer.Even though it's not a very long or difficult game, I put together some ABZU tips to help you through the game.

Important message for those hoping to attend 2016's Pokémon World Championships

The Pokémon Company International made an important announcement earlier today for anyone attending the Pokémon World Championships 2016 in San Francisco next week – for the first time ever, the event will be closed to the general public.Many fans are likely to be dismayed at hearing this change in entry regulations, but all is not lost.

5 reasons why Twitch is awesome.

You can watch people play your favorite video games at the highest level, live, on Twitch.Here are five reasons why Twitch is awesome: Anyone can start streaming on Twitch.

MG releases portable charging station aimed at businesses

For anyone who’s ever had their phone die while out on a Pokemon GO excursion, MG may have a solution.The Novi Portable Charging Station charges eight portable battery packs wirelessly with LunaPulse technology.

Best Affordable PC Gaming Headsets from your favorite brands

The headset comes in gunmetal, red ($90.2,151 reviews, 4.

HyperX CloudX - Branded for Xbox One, Use it for Everything

The HyperX CloudX, while building on the HyperX Cloud lineup, fits into the product line in a way that is not immediately intuitive beyond the Xbox One branding.My first sense upon getting my HyperX CloudX headset was that it was just an Xbox licensed variant of the Cloud or Cloud II.