Feminist Frequency's next video series hits crowdfunding goal

The crowdfunding campaign for Feminist Frequency's upcoming video project, Ordinary Women, has met its goal of $200,000.The series hit that figure, which covers post-production, during its six-hour livestream counting down to the end of the funding period today.

HomeGrid Forum | HomeGrid Forum Highlights Critical Importance of G.hn as the Backbone for Wireless Video Delivery in the Consumer Technology Space

According to Donna Yasay, President of HomeGrid Forum, “G.The CTA Technology & Standards Forum brings together engineers, product managers, and technology alliances to discuss the latest in consumer technology and to further develop the necessary industry standards.

Epic Gaming Night Podcast | Board Games Table Top & Card Games: Ep. 13 Post Gencon

This week we talk about all the awesomeness that happened at gencon!we talk games we have been playing (Ashes, Codenames, Forbiden Stars, & Champtions of Midguard) We stream the podcast live every Tuesday at 9pm EST and play live games on Friday 6-10pm EST at www.

First Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay footage leaks

Some early video clips from the new Mass Effect have emerged, showing off the game’s graphics and some familiar-looking aliens.For a game EA has said almost nothing about in public there’s an increasingly large stack of leaks that are helping to give a picture of what Mass Effect: Andromeda will look and play like.

Games Inbox: Do video game heroes need to be likeable?

I only ever played the third God Of War and only lasted a couple of hours with it before jacking it in.The whole debacle was a steaming pile of ill-advised junk.

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Adding Eldar Fleet To Beta Next Week

The beta for the game is currently ongoing, and will introduce a new playable fleet next week: the Eldar.The Eldar are fast and deadly, with highly maneuverable ships that deal serious damage.

S’mores USB Heated Plush Slippers

At the end of a summer day of camping, it's nice to cozy up next to a campfire, toast up some marshmallows and make delicious s'mores.When it's chilly inside, it's nice to cozy up next to your Netflix queue and slip on these USB-powered foot-warming slippers shaped just like those summertime s'mores!

Epic Gaming Night Podcast | Board Games Table Top & Card Games: Ep 29 Far Off Games With Cody Miller

Join Roy, Matt, And Robert On our amazing podcasting adventure with tons of table top gaming!each week will will tackle another gaming topic and talk about game we are currently streaming and playing!

Preservica | Preservica joins the Information Governance Initiative to support preservation of long-term digital records

The IGI is supported by a number of leading information governance providers, and aims to promote the adoption of information governance strategies in the protection of corporate data.As part of the collaboration, Preservica and the IGI have launched a Research Initiative on the Preservation of Long-Term Digital Records and Information.

FFD: Is sexuality in games ever okay?

I’ve seen complaint’s about Widwomaker’s sexuality, too – but in the context of the game, she’s supposed to be empowered, with her sexuality forming part of her character.There are some that would have all overt sexuality removed from games, perceived, I suppose some sort of puritanical crusade to neuter the medium.

Hasbro Launches Star Wars Fan Figure Photo Series

The best pictures will be featured in a photo timeline in the Hasbro booth at San Diego Comic Con.The contest began on Tuesday, April 5 and lasts until May 4 (May the Fourth or Star Wars Day).

AMD might launch Polaris R9 490X and R9 490 in June

They did reveal Pascal’s architecture and several cards for Deep AI learning, but the anticipated next generation of their gaming cards were absent.Surprising given that AMD have been speaking about their Polaris architecture for a while now, which may have its own range of gaming cards as early as June.

Rust now assigns gender based on (and locked to) your SteamID

As a game, Rust isn’t something I’m remotely interested in.As a social experiment, Rust – a game in which players spawn naked – is profoundly interesting.

Fallout 4 wins the BAFTA for best game at this year’s awards

Well, there are more awards yet – and the British Academy of Film and Television (and not games) has dished out awards to games.And The Witcher 3 has won…nothing.

Nothing you've heard about Visceral's Star Wars game is true

The game in the past has been rumoured to be a third-person action game ala Star Wars 1313, or as an open-world RPG, and sometimes an amalgamation of two.Co-writer on the project Todd Stashwick has spoken about some of the rumours surrounding the game on a recent podcast, setting straight that none of what has been written about the game is true.

Battleborn open beta can now be pre-loaded,prepare for boot camp!

There’s a growing joke inside the office, that I’m the only person who has never taken Battleborn for an early run.But it’s also something I plan to rectify next week when the open beta launches.

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