Racing Drones + Star Wars = Real Life X-Wing Versus Tie Fighter

From the moment I first saw someone take a set of drones to the woods and race in between trees I immediately had an awesome Forest Moon of Endor flashback to my childhood.Then some brilliant people took the idea several steps further.

Titanfall 2 Leak Teases New Weapons And Poster

Thanks to an apparent leak via /r/titanfall, fans of the mech-piloting FPS are now abuzz with speculation thanks to a new poster and supposed leaked news of a few new weapons and gameplay features.The original thread has been preserved over at NeoGAF and yields this quote: I've been sitting on some Titanfall 2 information that was shared with me, and I've finally got the go ahead to post.

I Am Setsuna is Almost, Pretty Much, Sort Of a New Chrono Trigger

If the world was just then Square Enix would have continued making Chrono Trigger games since before they added the Enix to their name.We get teased with a re-release or potential sequel every few years but nothing really notable has come out as an actual continuation of Chrono Trigger or Chrono Cross.

Solving Far Harbor's best quest: Brain Dead

The Brain Dead quest has you in the role of a detective trying to solve a murder most foul.You can tell which room is Santiago's, as the entrance and walls are splattered in paint.

London Bridge (And Everything Else) Is Falling Down In New Independence Day Trailer

Independence Day: Resurgence is set some 20 years from its predecessor.Since humanity's successful MacBook Hail Mary from the alien threat, we have re-purposed their technology and are experiencing a new golden age of prosperity.

Nintendo NY Store will host a Zelda U demo for 500 lucky fans to play

According to a press release found on Business Wire, 500 fans of The Legend of Zelda will be selected to play the upcoming Wii U title from June 14th to June 19th.By standing outside the Nintendo NY Store on June 11th.

Still On The Fence About Far Harbor? Check This Out Before You Buy

With that gargantuan size comes the promise of much more to do in the already sprawling world of Fallout 4.This review of Far Harbor sheds some light on what you can look forward to in the game's new content.

Four Upcoming Video Games With Procedural Generation That Are Not Set In Space

No Man’s Sky and Star Citizen are two of the most anticipated video games currently in development.Both games will make an entire procedurally-generated galaxy available to explore, seemingly ensuring their replayability throughout the space-time continuum.

A Simple Guide to a Pokemon Type's Strengths and Weaknesses

A simple guide to the different Pokemon types for new players to the series.With Pokemon Sun and Moon recently announced for a late 2016 release and the excitement building, here is a simple guide regarding Pokemon types and their strengths and weaknesses to other types.

Shadow of the Eternals Teaser: A Shadow of a Good Game

Is it finally actually coming?Shadow of the Eternals is still in Development Hell with no real progress being made.

Shadow of the Eternals Back in Development after failed KickStarter

Started in 2013 as a spiritual successor to the 2002 GameCube game Eternal Darkness, the Kickstarter for Shadow of the Eternals failed to meet its goal and went into developmental hiding.But just last week, Denis Dyack, writer and director of both games, has stated Shadow of the Eternals is back in development, releasing both a new trailer and some new gameplay footage.

Mei is the Most Annoying Overwatch Hero

Icicles and a stream of mist, Mei is the most annoying character.Unfortunately, we also have Mei, who — in the right hands — I realize is probably the strongest and most annoying Overwatch hero.

5 Excuses to Give People When You Want to Keep Playing Video Games

We all have told some little white lies so that we can continue to be introverted and spend time playing games.In case you’ve run out of excuses to hole up and keep playing games, we’ve thought of some for you.

Solving Har Harbor's best quest: Brain Dead

The Brain Dead quest has you in the role of a detective trying to solve a murder most foul.You can tell which room is Santiago's, as the entrance and walls are splattered in paint.

Introducing Master X Master: Check out their Kickoff Stream!

You should check out Master X Master, a new action MOBA that sets itself apart with its unique Tag System and a PVE mode.I know you're busy with playing League of Legends, Dota, SMITE, and Heroes of the Storm, or just sick of MOBAs in general, but I'm here to bring another competitor to the table: Master X Master.

World of Warcraft Private Server Debacle Remains Ongoing

These other means, which are illegal private servers not hosted by Blizzard in any way, have always co-existed with the retail version of the game, but have recently actually begun to rival it.One such private server, Nostalrius, was a progression server for the vanilla version of the game, meaning the version before any of the expansions were added.

H1Z1: King of the Kill Adds New 'Ignition' Mode

Since its release on Steam in February, H1Z1: King of the Kill players have enjoyed large-scale PvP battles, where the last player standing is the victor.Daybreak Games announced recently that H1Z1: King of the Kill has added a new game mode: Ignition.

On This Day in Geek: May 25th

With it being National Geek Pride Day, let's look at some important historical geek moments on the day of May 25th!In celebration of "National Geek Pride Day," let's explore some important moments in the world of the geek that took place on this day of May 25th.

Total War: Warhammer released today

The vast and venerable Total War series released its first entry into the fantasy realm today.Fans of Games Workshop can put down their paintbrushes and glue guns, and reach for their PCs as Total War: Warhammer launches on Steam and Humble Bundle today.

Chronicles of Elyria: The Dynamic MMO with Aging and Death

The game aims to be innovative, immersive, and dynamic through a completely player-influenced world.This persuades players to carefully consider their character's choices and actions.