CESA has revealed TGS 2016's Main Visual

It was created under the theme "Press Start to Play the Future".CESA (Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association) has revealed the main visual for Tokyo Game Show 2016.

Goat Simulator and XCOM part of Xbox Games with Gold birthday celebrations

If you are an Xbox Live subscriber, you will get Goat Simulator, and The Crew on Xbox One.Also, because of backward compatibility, Xbox One and Xbox 360 Live subscribers will also get Super Meat Boy, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Final Fantasy XV: Making the Series Great Again

Recently, IGN released a video (above) with a behind-the-scenes look at the 10 year journey in the development of Final Fantasy XV.In this video, Square Enix discusses the challenges and risks they take to create what they believe will be the ultimate Final Fantasy game.

Hitman Episode 3: Marrakesh to launch May 31st

After Paris and Sapienza, Agent 47 is now exposing his baldness to the scorching sun in Marrakesh.After assassinating his way through Paris and Sapienza, the Hitman protagonist lands in Marrakesh for his next episode.

Pokémon 20th Anniversary Manaphy will be Available Starting Next Week

The Pokémon Company is celebrating their 20th Anniversary throughout the whole year with many giveaways and special edition card packs.As part of this celebration, they have been giving away Legendary Pokémon from every generation since February -- and this coming month is no exception.

No Man's Sky Delayed from Highly-Anticipated June Lift-Off

The much-hyped space exploration game is rumored to be delayed, pushing back the scheduled release date from June 21 to sometime later this summer.It feels like the hype for No Man’s Sky has been as seemingly-infinite as the space exploration game’s often-touted 18.

Travel to Castle Drachenfels in Warhammer: The End Times Vermintide's newest DLC

Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide is taking its heroes to a new realm, far from the Ubersreik where players have been staving off the invasion of the vicious ratfolk known as Skaven.This new realm brings all sorts of goodies to revitalize the game, including new weapons for two of the heroes, as well as new maps, mechanics and achievements.

Total War Guide: Warhammer's Chaos army

Archaon leads the armies of Chaos in Creative Assembly's newest game Total War: Warhammer.Much like the other armies in the game, Chaos have their own unique strengths and weaknesses available to them.

Bethesda Softworks Partners With Titan Publishing To Release "Dishonored" Novels; Comic Series+Graphic Novel

Before long, you'll have more "Dishonored" tie-in stories than you can possibly read at once.Today, Titan Publishing (parent company of both Titan Books and Titan Comics) and Bethesda Softworks officially announced a multi-platform collaborative effort on tie-in media set to link the events of 2012's Dishonored, and the upcoming Dishonored 2, together.

Price drop on best of PS3 collections

The Best of PS3 game collections drop in price as the console celebrates its 10-year anniversary.The first lineup of available discounted collections are The Best of Naughty Dog, The Best of Epic Adventures and The Best of PlayStation Exclusives, according to the PlayStation Store Blog.

Watch What Happens When He Throws Pure Sodium Into a River — Freaking CRAZY!

Chemistry nerds already know, but maybe you don't.I know I didn't.

Prey 2 Is Alive Again, Expect a New Announcement at E3

It had a fairly unique story as games go while also progressing a horrifically depressing story.In the original trailer above you can see the Marshall currently living the dream: a bounty hunter in space.

Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse Gets First English Screenshots

However, if you have never played the previous game, be careful, as this article does contain some links that can potentially spoil the previous game.The story of this particular game is explained here: The Demons page in particular shows of many demons that are potential allies and enemies, and explaining their involvement in the previous game.

Kingdom Hearts saga to get world concert tour

The Kingdom Hearts saga will get its own world concert tour beginning March 2017.Keyblade wielders can rejoice in the fact that Kingdom Hearts will get its own world-wide orchestral tour beginning in March 2017.

The Dream Team behind Mighty No. 9

It reveals an action-packed game and a killer combo system within a world of vibrant hues and humor.The main hero, Beck, with his Megaman-esque suit, speeds through levels with his blast attack and his Kirby-like ability to absorb enemy abilities to beat the 12 levels.

Everything you need to know about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine

Take a look at the very last adventure of Geralt, the Witcher in this huge story expansion, titled "Blood and Wine.The second and the final story expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, titled “Blood and Wine,” will be released in less than a week -- on May 31, 2016 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Not So Mighty No. 9

After meeting its Kickstarter goal of $900,000 in just two days, Mighty No.It was earlier this year that they said the game would finally arrive on June 21st.

PQube announces Steins;Gate 0 for America and Europe

PQube has announced that the sequel to Steins;Gate, Steins;Gate 0,will be released for North America and Europe in 2016.Today, PQube has announced that they will be releasing Steins;Gate 0 for America and Europe this year.

Pokken Profile: Pikachu, a Competitive Character Guide

However, Pikachu is classified as a Standard character in Pokken Tournament, meaning he has a diverse move pool to play with.When you knock down your opponent, Pikachu doesn't have any safe options.

Is Star Fox Zero Flying Back onto Shelves?

com reports that, based on select tweets, used copies of Star Fox Zero are flooding store shelves.It appears that the near decade-long wait for a new Star Fox game was not worth it for many gamers.