Minnesota senator raises privacy concerns about Oculus users

As the Rift can record the users' views, movement, and actions, it would very easy to gather data from users -- even without their knowledge.In Franken's letter to the state, he said: Senator Al Franken is a consumer advocate.

Be the best snake you can be in Slither.io with these tips

Don't stay in overpopulated areas of the map if you're trying to play it safe, especially if you're lagging.Coiling is a common tactic, and it's one anyone used to being a big snake in Slither.

Top 5 Good Games With the Worst Endings

There is one thing though that can make a bad game seem not too awful: a great game with a really bad ending.There are some games with bad endings that I haven't managed to play yet or some that I think are alright or did well.

Interview With Dexter Chow From Codex Worlds

From Ubisoft to Codex worlds, Dexter Chow explains what it was like.Dexter Chow is the CEO and Creative Director for codex worlds.

Mojang announces upcoming Minecraft Realms for Pocket and Windows 10

Yesterday Minecraft creators Mojang announced that they were in the process of creating Minecraft Realms for Pocket devices and Windows 10.These new Realms will have cross-platform support across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 editions and will require Xbox Live accounts to make it possible.

How to survive Dark Souls 3 [Beginner's Guide]

You'll need every advantage you can get if you hope to survive Dark Souls 3.This Dark Souls 3 beginner's guide has all the tips and tricks a budding Unkindled needs to know to survive in the coming apocalypse without spoiling all the fun.

ATLUS jumps into the ring as publisher for The King of Fighters XIV

ATLUS has announced that they will be publishing The King of Fighters XIV (KOFXIV) stateside.It's important to note that this isn't new ground for ATLUS as they published KOF XIII in 2011.

In Life is Strange, anything can happen in Arcadia Bay

It's clear that the story is the strongest part of Life is Strange.The gameplay is standard for an adventure game.

Sciencing the Shit Out of The Division Pandemic

In other words, is there a precedent that would indicate that we could have a pandemic like the one we see in The Division?One-by-one, let’s look at all the pieces of The Division’s pandemic, starting at ground zero: US currency.

The Most Popular Minecraft Minigames

Want to know what Minecraft minigames are popular these days and how to play them?And if there's anything that shows how true that is, it's the popularity of minigames and alternative game modes on some of Minecraft's most popular servers.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Play Fallout 4

Think you want to play Fallout 4?So if you’re like me and have trouble focusing, Fallout 4 will be a struggle.

How to be a Dark Gamer: Legal (and not so legal) ways to make money from video games

Not everyone is a workaholic, so you might argue that if you are done with work, the value on your free time is less since you are not trying to make money.For Lesson 4, we will go over the different ways you can make money from playing games directly.

Gears Of War 4 Footage Leak!

Hey Gear heads, we’ve got official footage of Gears of War 4 multiplayer.Fifteen minutes worth of Gears of War 4 gameplay was leaked recently, showcasing the game's multiplayer mode.

1st Major update for Tom Clancy's The Division

Yesterday, April 12, players of Tom Clancy's The Division got their hands on the first major update to the game since its release.Titled "Incursions", this content update is intended to keep players engaged after the main storyline is completed.

Let's Talk - Awesome Game Music

It can even make you feel awesome.So Let's Talk about it.

Interview: Team Allegiance's Lassiz on life as a SMITE eSport player

Drew "Lassiz" Boyd is one of the original SMITE pro players, as well as one of the first to stream the game on Twitch.I was immediately interested because I tried this one game,  Land of Chaos Online and it was a much more unrefined 3D MOBA.

Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop arena building guide

We show you how to craft the new settlement additions to Fallout 4 and grab a couple of easy achievements in the process!The second add-on pack for Fallout 4 has arrived, vastly increasing the options for building up your own personalized settlement.

Future DLC Plans Announced for Total War: Warhammer

Future DLC for Total War: Warhammer will include new Lords, new Races and lots of new campaigns.Today Creative Assembly announced that they will be giving players of the new Total War: Warhammer loads of great free and paid DLC before the second part of the planned trilogy is released.

Final Beta Test Weekend for Overwatch starts Friday, April 15

Running from  Friday, April 15 through to Saturday, April 16, Overwatch will be having its second and final beta test weekend across Europe, Asia, and the Americas.The aim of this weekend is to perform a stress test, so there will be plenty of opportunities to get in on the test.

Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop offers sandbox mayhem and post-apocalyptic feng shui

99 (as opposed to Automatron's $9.While Wasteland Workshop probably isn't going to make you love building settlements if you didn't enjoy it before, it does significantly expand your options.