How to get Infinite Gold in Toy Defender

A quick guide to getting as much gold as you want in the TD game Toy Defender.With this guide I am going to show you one way to gamify making gold in Toy Defender without needing to hack your phone.

Pokken Profile: Lucario, a Competitive Character Guide

If you time Lucario's Force Palm just right, you'll hit them out of a counter during the startup of their attack animation.He may not be able to pierce counters, but Lucario's 4[A] is truly a force to be feared.

TSM Leffen finally obtains a short term visa to compete in the US

After a long uphill battle with the US Visa system, TSM's very own Willian "Leffen" Hjelte has recently obtained a short term visa just in time for the EVO Championship Series.While TSM's League of Legends players can apply for athlete visas due to progress made by Riot Games, players for smaller games like Super Smash Bros.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Trailer gets more dislikes than any CoD video

The trailer has gotten more dislikes than any other video on the channel.Employees over at DICE, the developer behind Battlefield, tweeted some unflattering comments about the new trailer.

Parkitect Releases on Steam Today!

In the past year, developers have shown us projects made specifically to fill the void left by the Roller Coaster Tycoon series.Screenshots of the game make it look very reminiscent of the early Roller Coaster Tycoon titles — a complete contrast to the three-dimensional point of view defining many of the other games.

DOOM is out Next Week - Blast Some Demon Skulls Soon

The engine it ran off, id Tech 1 (or the Doom game engine) was a revolution for games.It didn't do anything with the original game's formula, and had no massive improvements in many areas.

Drachenfels DLC coming to Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide

Even more dastardly Skaven goings-on in new Warhammer: End Times DLC Swedish developers Fatshark announced this week that there will be new DLC coming at the end of May for their hit game Warhammer: End Times -  Vermintide.The new DLC is called Drachenfels, and releases on May 26th.

Driver's Ed: Beginner's Tips For Risky Road

If you're purely going for a high score, you really don't need to concern yourselves with these.Some of the most fun and exciting moments in Risky Road happen when the egg is hanging in the air after a botched jump.

What League of Legends' Mage Item Changes Mean For You

9 hit live servers on May 4, and with it came an overhaul of the mage class items.The overall diversity of the revised mage items (and the new hextech items) help more clearly define the mage class and the roles they play in a team composition.

Nioh boss guide: Nue

Below we'll show you two different ways to take on second boss Nue.There's also more room to run around than in the previous boss fight, so you have a better shot at staying out of range of Nue's lightning breath attack.

Release Date Confirmed for Stealth Adventure Shadwen

In less than two weeks, on May 17th, Finnish developers Frozenbyte release their epic stealth adventure Shadwen.The game will be available on PC, Linux, OS X, and PS4 and will have an introductory price of €14.

BLACKROOM Kickstarter canceled for demo

The Kickstarter campaign for John Romero and Adrian Carmack's latest game is currently on pause.The reason for the cancellation is to give the developers time to create a gameplay demo for backers of a second Kickstarter campaign.

Let’s take a look at Bar Harbor - Far Harbor’s location inspiration for Fallout 4’s newest DLC

With the biggest DLC soon to hit the shelves, let's take a look at where Far Harbor actually is.It's no secret that Far Harbor is located in Maine, but the real name of the tourist town is Bar Harbor, located on Mount Desert Island in --wait for it--Hancock County.

Fallout 4 1.5 Patch -- patchy or helpful?

Check out the latest updates from 1.PC users have the jump on Xbox One and PS4 gamers -- they get to download and install the update first.

The fall of the AAA empires is inevitable

As the companies grow and as game development expenses continue to grow, the fall of the big AAA companies is inevitable.With the big AAA companies ever expanding and the expenses of video game development continuing to grow, the fall of these enterprises is inevitable.

Everything you need to know about No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky has all the potential to become the biggest video game of the year.They also say that the universe of No Man’s Sky is full of surprises, so it never gets boring.

Battleborn Shayne and Aurox Guide

Learn how to play the stealthy dual character in Battleborn, Shayne and Aurox, with this guide!You can attack with melee, or use her boomerang to stay at a distance.

Soda Drinker Pro Review - Who's thirsty?

Snowrunner Games has successfully made the best FPS (First Person Soda) drinker game ever.The first thing you see when you start Soda Drinker Pro is two cents graphics and a clip art cup of soda.

Persona 5 gets a new trailer, a Japanese release date, and a showing at E3

Today, ATLUS has released a new Persona 5 trailer.The new trailer ultimately reveals a September 15 release date for Japan.

Overwatch Guide: Tracer Info and Tips

Learn how to play the master of time in Overwatch, Tracer, with this guide!Since you have to be careful how you engage enemies, it can take some time to get used to her.