Shark Plush Slippers for Grown Ups

Well, many things, but amongst them is the action of stubbing our toes.It's not like we didn't KNOW the thing was there.

Epic Gaming Night Podcast | Board Games Table Top & Card Games: Ep 36 Gamelyn Games

This Week we talk to Michael Coe all about Gamelyn games and there new kickstarter Tiny Epic West!X-Com, Deception: Murder at Hong Kong, Star Wars Carcassonne, & Tiny Epic Western.

YouTube Gaming Reveals Its Top Trending Games For March 2016

After The Division's financially successful launch, it's no surprise that Ubisoft's popular shooter takes the top slot.To see what games were trending on YouTube Gaming in previous months, click here.

Star Trek TNG: Starfleet Tactical Hoodie

This hoodie is not part of the uniform Crusher, Worf, and Picard wear on Celtris III, but rather a fantasy on a theme.What would a Tactical Hoodie from ST:TNG look like?

Episode 61: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

What is there left to say about The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time?A heck of a lot, actually.

Blizzard shuts down popular fan-run “pirate” server for classic WoW

One of the most popular "pirate" servers for World of Warcraft, running a classic version of the game no longer offered by Blizzard, will be shutting down under the threat of legal action from Blizzard.The Nostalrius servers had been in operation for about a year, running version 1.

The next big thing in space may be really, REALLY small satellites

These small research payloads have helped spur the development of a small satellite launch industry, and using the International Space Station to deploy them has become one of the national lab's hottest commercial activities.However, the evolution of satellites downward from thousands of kilograms, down to a single kilogram, does not seem to be stopping.

Fear Effect sequel ming to Kickstarter

A Kickstarter campaign for Fear Effect Sedna will be starting next week, but a lot seems to have changed since the original… More than 15 years after the last game appeared on PS one, Square Enix has greenlit an indie-made follow-up to Fear Effect.The original two Fear Effect games were espionage-themed action adventures that used a pre-rendered, fixed camera system similar to the original Resident Evil games.

Halo Flight Deck Officer Parka Jacket

Inspired by the Halo universe, this Flight Deck Officer jacket is a military-style parka based on in-game UNSC apparel with elements from Master Chief's armor.So the hood is shaped like Master Chief's helmet.

Games Inbox: What are you hoping for at E3 2016?

I totally understand and share many of the concerns about these so-called ‘upgrade consoles’ but I’m beginning to think they might be a good idea.The biggest problem with this generation are that it’s basically taken about two and a half years for any decent games to come out.

Gravity is rad, and reversed, in the latest Micro

We’ve got a real corker this wee— aw, OK, it’s just another off-week Micro episode.To kick things off this week, we have Sam Claiborn from IGN in the studio to enthuse over classic NES mech platformer Metal Storm for a few minutes with me.

Semafone | Semafone helps customers meet TLS compliance deadlines ahead of PCI standards

2 to fast-track customer migration from vulnerable TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption protocols.“The vulnerable nature of SSL and TLS 1.

Epic Gaming Night Podcast | Board Games Table Top & Card Games: Ep 44 Ashes of Winter With Isaac Vega

Join Roy, Matt, And Robert On our amazing podcasting adventure with tons of table top gaming!we stream the podcast live on Tuesdays at 9pm EST and we play live board games on fridays 6-10pm EST www.

Epic Gaming Night Podcast | Board Games Table Top & Card Games: Ep 49 Golden Geeks

Join Roy, Matt, And Robert On our amazing podcasting adventure with tons of table top gaming!we stream the podcast live on Tuesdays at 9pm EST and we play live board games on fridays 6-10pm EST www.

Games Inbox: What kind of game tie-in will Rogue One have?

I bought Bloodborne on release but couldn’t get to grips with it, I hated it.Now and again I would try again but just couldn’t get the hang of the combat and I got fed up of dying.

After standoff with Congress, White House robs Ebola fund to pay for Zika

On Wednesday, after a two-month-long impasse, the White House announced that $510 million of the $2.7 billion earmarked to battle Ebola would be transferred to the Zika fight.

Prysmian Group | Prysmian Launches an Innovative New Line of Optical Cables in Australia

Milan, 6 April 2016 – Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cables and systems industry, launched today an innovative new line of optical cables that will halve the cost of joining cables, as the NBN rollout continues across Australia.The Italian-designed Prysmian FlexTube® line will be produced in Australia for the first time at the company’s world-class telecommunications facility at Dee Why on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, which has the capacity to produce more than 600,000 fibre kilometres of the cabling each year, which is almost a third of the entire standard optical fibre market in Australia.

Perfecto | Perfecto Expands Focus from Mobile to Digital with the Next Generation of its Continuous Quality Lab

With this expansion, users can apply a single quality strategy to deliver seamless responsive web and omni-channel experiences.Today’s end-users rely on digital transactions and in turn, expect flawless experiences across web and mobile.

Star Wars Ewok Knit Hooded Scarf

Ain't nobody going to mess with you when you're carrying that.And maybe remind them, as our Lucasfilm rep once reminded us, that Ewoks eat people.

Report: “Deeply divided” White House won’t support anti-encryption legislation

The White House has reportedly decided not to give public support to legislation that would force tech companies to help law enforcement agencies break into encrypted products.) could be introduced this week and "would empower judges to require technology companies such as Apple to help law enforcement crack encrypted data," Reuters wrote.