Rainbow Six: Siege - Is it worth It?

So, why am I talking about Siege now?This also leads nicely into my second point: Rainbow Six Siege, a game that most people forgot about two weeks post-launch, has had a major resurgence.

Horizon: Zero Dawn's Tunderjaw Collection Is Well-Worth the Price Tag

If you're as excited about Horizon: Zero Dawn as the writers here at GameSkinny, we know you've been eyeballing the Thunderjaw Collection.At around 7lbs and 15 inches tall, you'll need to clear off plenty of room on your desk.

WWE Champions Guide: Fusing Wrestlers Into Superstars

In this guide, we'll take a look at how fusing wrestlers and superstar posters with wrestlers and superstars already in your roster can bring massive dividends to your wrestling game -- sometimes even for free.As you're playing WWE Champions, you'll find that through loot, mission rewards, and road-to-glory prizes, you'll also come into the possession of various wrestler posters.

Fire Emblem: Heroes Rerolling Guide

Fire Emblem Heroes is rising up the ranks in the major app stores, proving a successful first week for Nintendo’s niche franchise.The “Gacha” styled game encourages players to spend their in-game currency to summon heroes from different entries in the series.

Nioh Preferred Weapon Guide

Besides a variety of different stances that completely change how a weapon is wielded and the powerful Living Weapon system, you are tasked with selecting a preferred weapon after completing the opening segment.No matter which Nioh preferred weapon you choose, William can still pick up any sword, spear, axe, etc.

Nioh: Beginner's Tips and Tricks Survival Guide

European pirate William is going to need all the help he can get while battling soldiers, ninja, oni, and more across Feudal Japan in Nioh.From knowing which stance to use to getting bonuses that will push you over the edge to victory, here's the basic Nioh tips and tricks you won't survive without mastering.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Gamer Girl

If you're still struggling to find the perfect V-Day gift for your gamer girl, here are a few ideas to get you started.It includes an apron, a pizza cutter, a pizza pan, and a pizza box to add that final horrifying touch to your Valentine's Day meal.

Conan Exiles Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks for Surviving in the Exiled Lands

This guide will give you some of the most important tips on how to survive in Conan Exiles no matter which type of server you have chosen to play on.So, if you want to live long in Conan Exiles, don’t forget to pay attention to the food and water indicators in the upper left corner of your screen.

Digimon World Next Order Digivolution Guide

There are 6 forms your Digimon can go through: Every Digimon you can digivolve into has certain key points, or stats, that must be reached before they can digivolve.If your Digimon has reborn once or twice, you will notice that you usually fulfill multiple Digimon key points as soon as you digivolve.

Choose the Products You Wish to See on Sale with Massdrop

According to the site's FAQs: Once the drop expires, your card will be charged and a bulk order will be sent to the manufacturer.The larger community votes and, once the poll closes, Massdrop contacts the manufacturer to see if a drop can be arranged.

Nioh: Refining Overly Difficult Games with Better Combat and a New Setting

After the rebooted Resident Evil 7 just a scant few weeks ago, Nioh is easily one of the first truly anticipated console games of 2017.Despite being a feudal Japanese-focused game, Nioh's main character is the curiously European pirate William, who also happens to be a weapons master with some magic powers.

A Comprehensive List of 11 JRPGs Coming to the US This Year

It's a good year for video games, with games like Resident Evil, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Zelda Breath of the Wild coming out.Let me tell you about the JRPGs which are coming to the States this year.

How to get 2,222 FREE Coins in Super Mario Run

To celebrate the launch of Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo has decided to distribute 2,222 free coins in their popular mobile game Super Mario Run.All you have to do to collect your free gift is simply log into the game -- no strings attached.

WoW Tokens Become Convertable to Battle.Net Currency

For fans of World of Warcraft, there's a brand new way to use those hard-earned tokens.Now though, in certain regions, players have the option of using their tokens in the traditional way, OR trading them in for $15 USD, which will be deposited in their Battle.

WoW Tokens Can Now Be Turned into Battle.Net Currency

For fans of World of Warcraft, there's a brand new way to use those hard-earned tokens.Now though, in certain regions, players have the option of using their tokens in the traditional way, OR trading them in for $15 USD, which will be deposited in their Battle.

Psychonauts 2 Finds a Publisher

The project is being led by Tim Schafer and his team at Double Fine Productions.Now, in addition to having a team of dedicated developers, Psychonauts 2 has a publisher.

Valentine's Day Cards for the Gamer At Heart

Whether you're looking for a special card for your special someone or need bulk cards to pass out for class, check out these adorable gaming-based Valentine's Day Cards and pick one to woo your Player 2.From sweet sentiments to reminding them that pausing your game also counts as a token of affection, these Valentine's Day Cards will power up their heart.

Digimon World Next Order Review: A Throwback to Classic Digital Pets

The game does a good job of making you feel connected to your Digimon, even if they are reborn when you die.This lets you aim towards a certain digivolution, but if you fulfill more than 1 Digimon's requirements, it will be random at first.

WWE Champions Guide: Enhancing Your Wrestlers and Evolving Your Superstars

An alternative method to grinding tokens in WWE Champions is to grind in-game cash – OR, spend real-life cash to get ze digital fundage.The main currency of WWE Champions, cash isn’t entirely easy to come by via natural means.

What Makes Multiplayer Sandbox Games So Damn Addicting?

Again, Minecraft's mining itself isn't engaging, it is the occasional diamond or lava flow that makes the play through memorable.May it be the large fortresses in Ark: Survival Evolved or the sculptures made in Minecraft; players can express themselves through the game mechanics.