Herald: An Interactive Period Drama -- A Brilliant Plot-Driven Title

And now, another title is bringing the genre back into the spotlight -- Herald: An Interactive Period Drama.Developed and published by Wispfire the game is split into a total of four books (episodes), with two currently available.

Love Yooka-Laylee? Be Sure to Collect These Must-Have Items

Be Sure to Collect These Must-Have Items If you love this adorable collectathon, then you'll want to collect these pieces of Yooka-Laylee merchandise for yourself!If the Yooka-Laylee collectathon craze has taken you by storm, then you may be feeling the urge to collect things in real life.

New DLC and PS Vita Release Announced for Platformer Shu

Coinciding with the Vita launch, Coatsink will also be adding a ton of new content in the game's first DLC, called "Caverns of the Nightjars".The DLC will come in two stages on Steam, but it will be released on PS4/Vita in full on May 23rd.

Payday 2 Players Are Losing Their Minds Over a Pencil

Fans of the co-op shooter Payday 2 are currently up in arms over finding a rare pencil.As part of their 10 day "Search for Kento event", Overkill Software added a pencil as a melee weapon in the game.

Indiewatch: Din's Curse and Expansion Demon War - The Best ARPG You Never Heard of

The plot to Din's Curse isn't the primary focus of the game.If you like the gameplay of ARPG's, you are going to enjoy Din's Curse just as much.

EGX Rezzed 2017: Introducing Pawarumi, the Neo-Aztec Shoot 'Em Up Hitting Kickstarter

Only a couple of days prior to heading to the event, French developers, Manufacture 43 had launched their Kickstarter campaign for their unique arcade shoot 'em up called Pawarumi.It's not every day that you see a game that fuses ancient civilizations with futuristic spacecraft but, somehow, Pawarumi does just that.

King's Quest: Chapter 1 - A Knight To Remember - Giant Ent Review

Over at Giant Ent Gaming, we've just finished playing the first chapter of the rebooted King’s Quest series, aptly named; King’s Quest: Chapter 1 - A Knight To Remember.You know, that stuff I kept mentioning earlier… King’s Quest isn't the only one who can do foreshadowing.

New Sonic Forces Website Goes Live, With Teasers of Upcoming Game

Until this morning, Japan's official Sonic Channel website simply showed a banner for Sonic Forces, starting "April 14th: video release".Now, the site is live and offers all the content that's available so far for the new game.

Go Egg Hunting with Pokemon Go's Easter Event

Nintendo has announced a new event for Pokemon Go to celebrate Easter.Hatching eggs will now be more profitable, XP earned is doubled and lucky eggs are extra lucky.

Nintendo Announces Discontinuation of the NES Classic

Today, Nintendo announced that it will discontinue the NES Classic Edition, with the last shipments being sent to retailers throughout the rest of April.” The representative also stated the NES Classic Edition was never meant to be a long-term and ongoing product, but added additional shipments to their original plans.

Persona 5: Finding the Stone Of Scone Treasure Demon

Besides your typical Persona used for combat and fusion, there are also a series of rare "treasure demons" in Persona 5, named after famous jewelry rather than demons and mythological entities.These unique Persona are procured by exploiting a specific weakness -- which varies between treasure demons -- and then negotiating.

Yooka-Laylee Capital Cashino Ghost Writers & More Location Guide

Whether you like Capital Cashino or not, if you want to 100% Yooka-Laylee you've got to get all the collectibles within.This walkthrough guide will cover finding the Butterfly Booster, Mollycool, Power Extender, and Ghost Writers found in Capital Cashino, and attempts to avoid spoilers.

My 2 Go-To Supports and their Carry Potential in Patch 7.6

There are other ways to "carry", which I explain following this.Anyways, Malzahar remains powerful throughout the entire game - a huge advantage when blind picking or unsure of other champions' power spikes.

OUTBUDDIES - A Metroidvania Classic in the Making

A Kickstarter campaign for the game just launched April 2nd, in hopes of financing the cost of the game's development up until release.Disclaimer: This article covers the demo of OUTBUDDIES and does not represent a complete or finished product.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Makes Duke Nukem a Joke

Since the release of Duke Nukem Forever, he has slowly gone from being a legend to nothing more than a carrot on the end of a stick to increase sales.What the real Duke Nukem does is drink beer and eat bottles of steroids for breakfast before his morning workout.

5 Best Survival Games on the PlayStation 4

Pure survival games can feel rather sparse on consoles.It may take a bit of sifting through the fat, but a decent survival game waits for those who search.

Heroes of the Storm 2.0: Pre-Launch Overview of All Upcoming Changes

The biggest change that comes to Heroes 2.During the launch of Heroes 2.

Behind the Lens, Why Camera Angles Are So Important in Platformers

Take Yooka-Laylee for instance, the game has plenty of good to offer, but it's guilty on more than one occasion of forcing bad viewpoints on a player during its more harrowing platforming sequences.There’s no reason for these issues to exist in an age where free-roaming cameras that are dynamically adjustable should exist.

How to Get Every 8-Bit Bayonetta Achievement

And if you’re up for more than just enjoying Platinum’s pixelated take of the gun-toting witch, then you’re in luck, because here’s some surefire tips to get you all sixteen achievements in 8-Bit Bayonetta.This achievement goes hand-in-hand with the one before it;  just make sure to tap the spacebar to hop back into the 8-bit fight.

The Sexy Brutale Walkthrough - How to Solve the Murders of Clay Rockridge and Trinity Carrington

The second victims you need to save are Clay Rockridge and Trinity Carrington.From your start point, make your way to the security room, marked below on the map.