Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Might Be the Best Film-Based Game You'll Ever Play

At PAX East this weekend, Big Star Games, in conjunction with Lionsgate, announced Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days -- a top-down shooter for PC and Xbox One.Feeling a lot like Hotline Miami, without aping Devolver’s 2012 release, Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days isn’t as fast paced as that title.

Rocket League Volleyball-like Mode "Dropshot" Coming Soon, Competitive Season 4 Starts

Arriving on March 22nd, "Dropshot" is Rocket League's latest update.In standard fashion, Rocket League is taking its own spin on well known sports, and now it's turning attention to volleyball.

Rocket League Volleyball-like Mode "Dropshot" Coming Soon

Arriving on March 22nd, "Dropshot" is Rocket League's latest update.In standard fashion, Rocket League is taking its own spin on well known sports, and now it's turning attention to volleyball.

Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey Review

The plot of Atelier Firis is simple and lighthearted, as with most other games in the series.The overall goal is simple but the plot paves the way for the largest and most open Atelier game yet.

Retrowatch: Wolfenstein 3D - The Granddaddy of FPS's

Today we are going to take a look at the granddaddy (at least one of them) of the FPS genre, Wolfenstein 3D.If you are looking for a title with a story you can get absorbed in, then Wolfenstein 3D may not be what you are looking for.

Indie Gaming On A Budget: Hollow Knight Or Night In The Woods?

So, you just got $20, and you're torn between buying two recent indie games, Night in the Woods or Hollow Knight.Overall, Night in the Woods is great if you're looking for a slower paced, story driven game to play. Great New IO Game

Besides being a game with an odd name, Moomoo.A pretty standard io game idea, but the execution is anything but standard.

Pixel Piracy Review - Land ahoy! Land ahoy! Land ahoy!

What I am mainly referring to is hinted at in this review’s title -- the speech mechanics of the pirates.The captain yelled, “Land ahoy!

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands Playstyle Guide

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands offers a huge variety of missions in various locations that can be approached from many angles.This guide will help you identify the correct playstyle, choose the right type of weapons, and let you know how to use them in the field.

The 9 Most Hilarious Video Game Deaths

Here are our 9 Most Hilarious Video Game Deaths!Yes, it is a surprise that Mortal Kombat features on list of hilarious video game deaths.

Twitch Studios Announces Their First Feature Film

Today, Twitch Studios announced a teaser for their first feature film: Ironsights: A Big Buck Hunter.Based in San Francisco, Twitch Studios is a collaboration between Twitch's live production and post-produced video production teams.

Twitch Announces Updated Desktop App Open Beta

Last year, Twitch bought Curse, a standalone gaming chat application, to improve its ability to give content to gamers.The updated app will go into open beta on March 16th.

Guild Quest Forge Recipes Guide

One of the most anticipated features for Guild Quest since the beginning is transmutation.After a long and eager wait, players are finally able to use the system now named the Forge.

Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox Magic System Guide

The new magic system of Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox is one of the most anticipated features to be implemented in the game.With this guide, we will cover how to craft spells, how the spell discs work and how each of the spell gems affect a spell.

5 Great Builds to Start with in Path of Exile's 2.6 Patch

In this post, let me introduce you to five of the best builds that you can get started with right now in patch 2.This build is one of the best in the game right now at putting out incredible damage on a low budget.

The many fine butts of Nier: Automata – a traveler's guide

Warning: slightly NSFW content ahead, along with some minor Nier: Automata story spoilers.For Nier: Automata however, the talk of the town has been, ahem, firmly on android 2B's backside.

Let's Talk About Switch Sales Numbers Once More Data Comes Out

Looking at the Wii U’s launch numbers back in 2012 would give the impression that the system would do fairly well.The Wii U kept pace with the original Wii’s sales numbers during its first quarter, selling over 3 million units compared to the previous console’s 3.

Horizon Zero Dawn Is Standing Up to Zelda Better Than Expected

This past week saw the release of two behemoths of games -- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Horizon: Zero Dawn.Releasing just three days before the launch of a brand new Nintendo console and a legendary established franchise, Horizon had quite the uphill battle to the top of the sales charts.

Snipperclips Review - Does it Make the Cut?

This couch co-op puzzle game stretches the limits of modern imagination by letting players snip and clip each other into various shapes to solve a variety of scenarios.The puzzles are difficult, and you're going to fail a lot as you try to solve them.

Guild Quest Preview - A Welcoming Change For Idling Games

Over recent years "clicker" titles have become increasing over saturating on the F2P titles on Steam and one mechanic that comes with them all is idling.Thankfully, however, indie developer Hyper Hippo Games have taken the idling mechanic and created a whole new and unique experience around it with their Early Access strategic casual title Guild Quest.