4 Reasons Call of Duty Films Are a Terribly Bad Idea

About a year ago, Activision Blizzard announced their plans to release multiple films based on the Call of Duty franchise.According to Activision, the first film based on the game franchise could come out as early as 2018.

Let's Take a Look at the WORST Visual Novels on Steam

Steam provides a large variety of visual novels, from science fiction to a slice of life.While visual novels share interesting narratives and characters, not all visual novels are that great.

White Noise 2 Succeeds as Multiplayer Horror, but Needs More Players Badly

In its early access state, White Noise 2 was able to offer a novelty in its gameplay.However, with it still being in early access, this meant that the content on offer was, for better use of a term, lacking.

Fallout Shelter -- How to Increase Your Stimpak Limit

The Wasteland is a treacherous place no matter which Fallout game you happen to be playing, and mobile edition Fallout Shelter is no exception.As such, you'll soon come to realise the value of the Stimpak.

Use These Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Level Calculators to Plan Your Update Loot Boxes

In a recent update on their blog, Blizzard announced Heroes of the Storm will have a new player progression system after their big 2.Whenever you gain a new Hero level, your overall Player Level will increase as well.

Why Atlus is Hurting Its Brand Image Threatening to Ban Persona 5 Streamers

But developer Atlus decided that streaming past a certain (early) point in the game would be punishable with a copyright strike and DMCA takedown.In reality, though, Atlus has hurt itself and its game with these sorts of strict regulations more than it's hurt streamers.

How to Find the Lazy River in Club Penguin Island

After Club Penguin’s shutdown on March 29, all penguins set sail for Club Penguin Island -- Disney’s mobile-only adaption that launched worldwide the same day.The lazy river is a part of four daily challenges: But where can a penguin find this lazy river to complete challenges?

If You Aren't Using the Smilodon Mod for Skyrim, You're Doing it Wrong

With the release of mods on console with Skyrim Special Edition, even more players are creating the Skyrim they want.One of the mods that everyone needs to install is Smilodon, which enhances combat as you meander through the cold wilds of Skyrim.

Is There Even Room for More Survival Games on Steam?

The survival genre has been dominated by indie developers due to the relative ease in which games in the category can be created.While this has led to a lot of great titles, it’s also left the genre bloated with several nearly identical games.

Try These 5 Mods to Take Your Stellaris Game Out of This World

This mod offers an event that shows up upon completion of a habitat station.After the first specialization is set, changing the habitat's specialization costs 1500 minerals and 250 unity.

Kindess Has Its Perks: Wausau Boy Receives Gift From Nintendo

A Wisconsin boy has a new Nintendo Switch because of his selfless actions following a tragedy involving a local police department.The story of Brady Duke has warmed many hearts recently.

Stardew Valley Deluxe Console Version Comes with IRL Goodies

But now, a new Collector's Edition has dropped for consoles, bringing along with it a ton of extra goodies.99, the Collector's Edition is only $10 more than purchasing the base game for Xbox One and PS4, and comes with the game, a mini-guidebook, game soundtrack, and poster of Stardew Valley.

Why Bioware Has to Fix Mass Effect: Andromeda's Favorites System & What They Should Do

I have already talked about how the UI for Mass Effect: Andromeda’s favorites system is janky.While that is a good thing for me, it is a bad thing for Mass Effect: Andromeda because it proves how bad the game's UI is.

ESL Announces Halo Pro League Return this Summer 2017

The announcement from ESL also revealed the lineup of teams for the North American Pro League: In a surprising turn of events, the eighth seeded team, Allegiance, disbanded and lost their spot this season.In the wake of these events, the final team set to compete this season will be decided at the NA Last Chance Qualifier.

EA Dice Unveils Official Star Wars Battlefront 2 Trailer at Star Wars Celebration

In a panel at Star Wars Celebration Orlando involving the developers across DICE, Criterion Games, and Motive Studios, the complete Star Wars: Battlefront 2 trailer was released for the first time.Inferno squadron are devout elites led by commander Iden Versio, who arrive on Endor during Star Wars Episode VI and in the trailer are called special forces.

How Online Games Can Prepare You for Real Live Play?

While not every online game translates into real life, gaming online allows for the perfect opportunity to practice.If you get together with friends for a game night to play an RPG board game, playing a similar RPG online can help you improve your real live tactics.

Roberts Space Industries Releases 3.0.0 Overview for Star Citizen

Roberts Space Industries has been consistently chopping away at the ambitious Star Citizen for as long as most of us can remember.But it appears the team is one step closer to delivering its part-procedurally generated, part-hand-crafted space MMO sooner rather than later.

How Online Games Can Prepre You for Real Live Play?

While not every online game translates into real life, gaming online allows for the perfect opportunity to practice.If you get together with friends for a game night to play an RPG board game, playing a similar RPG online can help you improve your real live tactics.

Switch Owners Can Get Their Hands On a New Senran Kagura

In Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct, producer Kenichiro Takaki announced a new Senran Kagura is in the works for the Nintendo Switch.Developed by Tamsoft and produced by Marvelous Entertainment, Senran Kagura follows a group of scantily-clad female ninjas who protect Japan as students of Hanzo Academy.

Yooka-Laylee Galleon Galaxy Ghost Writers & More Location Guide

Galleon Galaxy is Yooka-Laylee's final world, and the challenges it poses are the most difficult of them all.This guide does not cover this world's Pagies, Quills, or secret collectible.